Fike P 1 03 01 Voice Evacuation Accessories

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VOICE EVACUATION ACCESSORIES SPLITTERS 24 063 or 24 064 Zone Splitters allow the output of any audio amplifier to supervise and drive multiple zones zone select switches are provided which allow the selection of any or all voice evacuation zones for paging Automatic zone selection may be provided by zone splitters by the connection of normally open contacts the Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP or other auxiliary system Switch is provided which will select all voice zones for emergency paging LEDs are provided to annunciate zone status of Active or Fault Fike Zone Splitters are compatible with 25V and 70V voice system amplifier outputs with key locked door removed Zone Splitter MEA 24 081 pending 6911 1446 100 Listed S5661 Class B Supervised Audio Outputs 24 063 Class A Supervised Audio Outputs 24 064 Zone Switches Call Switch General Alarm Zones when Alarm is Silenced Alarm by Zone Zone LEDs indicate Zone Selection Zone LEDs indicate Zone Trouble to 8 Zones Mounted in Fike 25 50 100 to 16 Zones Mounted in Fike 150 200 Listed Made in USA INFORMATION Splitter Zone Class B Operation Splitter Zone Class A Operation Paging Microphone Panel Paging Microphone Card S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No P 1.03.01 MICROPHONE PANEL 24 081 is a supervised remote microphone for use with the Fike 25 50 100 voice evacuation system The provides crystal clear live voice messages over the system speakers Ideal for use when the fire alarm panels in an electrical room and the annunciator and microphone are in the lobby 24 081 is perfectly suited for applications in gymnasiums nightclubs auditoriums control rooms churches guard and other places of assembly to 5 24 081 Panels may be connected to a single 24 082 Supervisory Card This provides supervision of the wires to 24 081 and they may be located up to 5000 feet away in an attractive surface or semi flush mounted backbox with a hinged locking door The 24 081 features dead construction a microphone with a button and discreet LEDs to display and Dim x 10 x 3 w h d Grey Remote Microphone number of remote microphones Overrides alarm tone and automatic message Dead Front Cover Construction May be located up to 5000 feet away from Voice Evac Panel Microphone with Press to Talk Button and LED Wiring the normal Standby mode announcements can be made from any remote microphone at any time Simply any remote microphone will allow a manual paging message to be broadcast in an mode multiple remote microphones are used and two or more are simultaneously keyed then the first microphone keyed have paging priority The paging microphone in the master will always have priority over any and all remote The 24 081 can be wired for general public address and will be automatically disabled on alarm the alarm mode the keying of any remote microphone will interrupt any pre recorded tone or message and will manual voice evacuation messages to take priority When the microphone Press to Talk key is released the pre recorded voice evacuation message typically tone and voice will be replayed from the start APPLICATION OF REMOTE MICROPHONE 25 50 100 APPLICATION OF 24 063 ZONE SPLITTER B Evac Speaker Circuit A Evac Speaker Circuit Block Diagram page is left blank intentionally Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No P 1.03.01 July 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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