Fike P 1 44 01 FGX High Rise Voice Evacuation System

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FIKEGUARD FGX HIGH RISE VOICE EVACUATION SYSTEM FikeGuard FGX High Rise Evacuation System operates in conjunction the Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP in a building to provide automatic to life safety emergencies FikeGuard FGX includes all necessary features to provide an effective evacuation system The FikeGuard FGX can be custom configured to the needs of any high rise application department authorities can easily take command of evacuation or procedures and emergencies Building management and fire can monitor and control emergency response even before the arrive FGX system includes capacity for 6 channels of simultaneous audio provides for evacuation stay in place or other public address and automatic messages Fighter Phones or Warden Stations may be included as required stations can reassure handicapped occupants that help is on way Smoke control stair pressurization and HVAC shutdown can be automatic unless controlled manually by management or fire Multiplex 6 Channel Distributed Audio Fire Phone Area of Rescue and Fan Damper Control capability Modular System components added as needed 2 Channel Digital Message Repeater Microphone Page to any zone RS 485 Communication Protocol Installation and Operation Natural Sound Voice Recordings in Alarm and Alert Signals to 4 Minute Message Capacity Works with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Panel Works with Analog Addressable and based Fire Alarm Panels Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key Made in the USA 24 001 through 24 024 Listed MEA pending pending CONFIGURATION System Includes Panel FG MP Mic Control switch control points Channel DMR speed communication loop Panel FG DP Output Zones may be configured for 8 Channel Audio Interface Channel Amplification Fire Phone and Damper system control of distributed panels to be by building specifications System Configuration to 256 Distributed Panels FG DP up to 2028 monitor and control points S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No P 1.44.01 FGX Pair Category 5 Feet between panels Feet Total System Loop SYSTEM CAPABILITIES Loop Data and 6 Audio Channels Simultaneously High Speed RS 485 Communications or Style Field Selectable PANEL PANEL END CONTROL PANEL Control Monitor Modules on an intelligent loop 32 on circuit 2 control per Module Total of 64 points on circuit FGX HIGH RISE MULTIPLEX 11 FLOOR TYPICAL RISER DIAGRAM SPECIFICATIONS FIKE GUARD FGX HIGH RISE voice evacuation system shall be Fike Series FikeGuard FGX High Rise or approved equal FikeGuard FGX system shall include one Master Panel and one or more Distributed Panels The system shall be based and shall be compatible for use with contact closures from the Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP system shall have a high speed communication bus and have the capacity for 6 channels of audio and data on a pair of wires The field wiring for the communication bus may be configured for either Style or Style The system shall have the capacity for Fire Fighters Phone Area of Rescue communication and also have capacity for Fan Damper control with monitored feedback The system shall have a minimum capacity of 2028 and control points Master Panel shall contain an integral microphone dual channel digital message repeater DMR and digital tone 120 VAC power supply and battery charger The system shall be modular in design and shall be expandable that additional system control points may be configured The system shall include integral self diagnostic routines shall continually monitor system status and shall indicate the precise type of trouble conditions should they occur in system A trouble condition within the system shall cause a trouble indication to be transmitted to the FACP panels shall provide a minimum of 4 Class speaker circuits expandable to sixteen total Alternately panel be configured for 4 Class speaker circuits up to 8 total Panel may be configured for 1 to 8 amplifiers Panel provide up to 6 simultaneous audio channels up to 8 Fire Phone circuits up to 4 Area of Refuge circuits and up to Control Monitor loops Amplifiers will contain their own power supplies battery chargers and provide auxiliary for other components Speaker circuits shall be supervised for short and open circuit conditions and shall be able withstand transient or continuous short circuit conditions without damage to the system may be configured for General Alarm All Call operation Alarm by Zone or Floor Above Floor Below as Contact closures shall allow immediate broadcast of an alarm signal and evacuation message to the appropriate Non Alarm areas may receive alert tones and messages as required or activated by the FACP alarm signal evacuation message shall be broadcast until the FACP is reset or until emergency personnel interrupt broadcast with a manual page prevent unauthorized tampering the voice evacuation system shall disable the microphone if the microphone is keyed for 3 minutes or more Systems that do not have this feature shall not be acceptable Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No P 1.44.01 July 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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