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Protection Systems and Architect Specifications POWER POWER Fike 10 045 Purge Panel is an accessory unit for use the Fike Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems It a 10 60 minute soak period before allowing the fans to be operated L E D are provided for visual of Agent Ready and A key operated switch is provided to pre unauthorized persons from turning on the purge fans control circuit is housed in a sheet metal enclosure for surface mounting and has conduit knock outs on the two ends normal standby operation all L E D s would be off receiving a discharge signal from the Clean Agent panel the red Clean Agent L E D would be and the 10 60 minute timer would be started the end of the soak period the Clean Agent light will and the green Ready light will be illumi Operating the keyed switch at this time will off the green Ready light turn on the yellow light and transfer the two sets of relay contacts will start the purge fans to remove the Clean Agent the protected area If the keyed switch is turned the Clean Agent time the panel will switch to the mode at the end of the time period the Clean Agent panel will automatically reset the purge panel Voltage Consumption Contact Ratings Agent Soak Time Temperature Range Weight VDC 0 2.5 W Max 120 VAC 30 VAC Resisitive 120 VAC 30 VAC Inductive Adjustable 10 60 minutes x 6 1 4 x 2 7 8 lbs lbs Systems Fike Corporation South 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 Telefax 816 229 4615 1995 Issue Remove the control board assembly from the enclo and set aside in a safe place conduit and complete field wiring Provide suffi wire inside the enclosure for final connection Refer to Figure 1 for enclosure mounting dimensions 10 fasteners to mount the panel in a readily and easily visible location The mounting must be flat and vibration free in an area that is clean and dry Reinstall the control board and insure it is mounted to the standoffs MOUNTING DATA NO D1056 6 1995 by Fike Corporation rights reserved IN U S A

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