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FIKE SELECTABLE CEILING MOUNT STROBE HORN STROBE Fike Selectable Ceiling Mount Strobe and Horn Strobe manufactured by Corporation is a ceiling mount strobe or horn strobe combination dependable audible and visual alarms and the lowest current available these durable appliances offer you field selectable candela options of 15 30 95 and 115 candela Fike Selectable Ceiling Mount Horn also features a continuous or synchable 3 in 2400Hz or mechanical tone These tones are easy for the to change in the field by using switches and are shipped from the in the temporal alarm mode Fike Selectable Ceiling Mount Strobe and Horn Strobe comes standard with 4 mounting plate which incorporates the popular SuperSlide bracket that you to easily test for supervision Fike Selectable Ceiling Mount Strobe and Horn Strobe has a minimal current and has a minimum flash rate of 1Hz regardless of input are UL 464 1971 listed for use with fire protective systems and are for three years from the date of purchase FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Field selectable candela options of 15 30 75 95 and 115 candela Prewire Entire System then Install Your Signals Ease of Supervision Testing SuperSlide Lower Installation and Operating Costs Input Terminals 12 to 18 AWG Switch Selection for High or Low dBA Switch Selection for 2400Hz or Mechanical Tone Switch Selection for Continuous or Temporal 3 Tamperproof Re entrant Grill Synchronize Horn Strobe by using the AVS Series Control Module see Technical Bulletin 015 Rugged Die Cast Metal Mounting Bracket True Evacuation Tone Wide Voltage Range 16 33 VDC or FWR Separate Horn and Strobe Functions Available in Red or Off White Strobe 24VDC mA mA mA mA mA Ceiling Mount Strobe Horn Strobe Americans with Disabilities Act 4.28.3 BFP City of Chicago BS A MEA 285 91 E CSFM 7135 0569 122 7125 0569 123 FM Approved NFPA 72 UL ULC Dual Listed 464 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 0314 www fike com MODELS P N VDC Ceiling Mount Selectable Strobe P N Plain Plain 1971 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 P N P N Current VDC Ceiling Mount Selectable Horn Strobe Plain Plain 1971 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 30 75 95 115 Anechoic dBA 10 Ft The Horn Strobe is not listed for outdoor use Operating temperature 32 120 0 to 49 C Fike does not recommend using coded or pulsing signaling circuit with any of our strobe products see Gentex technical bulletin number 014 for more information Mode 3 2400Hz 3 Mechanical 2400Hz Mechanical 10 ft per High 10 ft per Low mA Operating the horn in this mode at this voltage will result in not meeting the minimum UL reverberant sound level required for public mode protection service These settings are acceptable only for private mode fire alarm use Use the high dBA setting for public mode application The sound output for the temporal 3 tone is rated lower since the time the horn is off averaged into the sound output rating While horn is producing a tone in the temporal 3 mode its sound pressure is the same as the continuous mode Fike does not recommend using the a or pulsing signaling circuit with any of our strobe products and Dimensions Snap cover over assembly Insert locking screw Slide onto bracket 6 w x 2.6 h Switch Locations positions 1 and 2 in the down to select isolated horn and strobe inputs 3 selects between temporal or non tone Up is temporal 4 selects between mechanical or tone Up in mechanical 5 selects between high or low dB is high dB To prevent accidental candela change remove the screw from unlock position and place in the lock after the desired intensity is Wiring Diagrams Strobe Horn Strobe Wiring Diagrams Strobe Horn Strobe See Gentex Technical Bulletin 015 for proper synchronization module for application AND ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS visible and audible visible signal shall be a Gentex Selectable Ceiling Mount Strobe and Horn Strobe or approved and shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc per UL 1971 for the Strobe and also UL 464 for the The notification appliance shall also be listed with the California State Fire Marshal CSFM and the Bureau Standards and Appeals NYC notification appliance combination audible visible units only shall produce a peak sound output of 90dBA or greater measured in an anechoic chamber The signaling appliance shall also have the capability to silence the audible signal while the visible signal energized with the use of a single pair of power wires Additionally the user shall be able to select continuous or temporal tone output with the temporal signal having the ability to be synchronized visible signaling appliance shall also maintain a minimum flash rate of 1Hz or greater regardless of power input The appliance shall have an operating current of 73mA or less at 24 VDC for the 15 Cd appliance shall be polarized to allow for electrical supervision of the system wiring The unit shall be provided with with barriers for input output wiring and be able to mount to a single gang or double gang box or double with the use of an adapter plate The unit shall have an input voltage range of 16 33 volts with either direct or full wave rectified power Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No P 1.60.01 May 2004 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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