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FIKE SELECTABLE OUTPUT STROBES AND Selectable Output Horns Strobes and Horn Strobes manufactured by Sensor offer enhanced features that include the widest range of candela available and the capability to recognize and self adjust for either 12 or 24 operation With an overall feature set that combines performance installation flexibility and a consistent aesthetically pleasing appearance the Fike Output devices provide both the innovation and efficiency with the Fike name key performance features long associated with the Fike name the candela strobes and horn strobes offer average current draws that are only lower than conventional fixed candela Fike products but also lower than selectable candela products By consuming less current the ability to even more devices per loop is possible resulting in a lower installed cost selectable output horns strobes and horn strobes offer the same features such as the option of 2 and 4 wire operation the to use standard size back boxes with no encroachment into the box and mounting incorporating the labor saving QuickClick feature Such features make wire connections simple and fast further reducing cost selectable output strobes and horn strobes offer the broadest range of options operating on either 12V or 24V with no setting required the recognizes and self adjusts to the correct current automatically temporal 3 continuous tone options continue to be available in either an or 3kHz pattern addition all strobe and horn strobe models incorporate a new voltage booster that has a more consistent flash bulb voltage over the range of candela The benefit to the customer is a high quality strobe device selectable output horns strobes and horn strobes incorporate the same low profile design of the conventional Fike products for a consistent and pleasing appearance across the entire product line FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Operates on either 12V or 24V Widest range of candela options durations of four seconds or 12V 15 and 15 75 candela 24V 15 15 75 30 75 110 candela Easy candela selection Lower current draw Easy DIP switch selection for horn Easy mounting with QuickClickTM Synchronizable with MDL module Meets UL1971 NFPA72 and ADA requirements Walk Test Fike horn strobe and only work on tests with Input Terminals 12 to 18 AWG Dimensions Strobe and horn strobe with plate x 5 5 8 x 2 15 16 Strobe and horn strobe with small plate 3 8 x 5 5 8 x 2 5 16 Horn with universal mounting plate x 5 5 8 x 1 5 16 Horn without mounting plate 15 16 x 5 5 16 x 1 5 16 Weight Horn only 7.2 oz Strobe horn strobe 8.8 oz and Specifications Continued on Next Page Horn Strobe Americans with Disabilities Act 4.28.3 CSFM 7125 1209 222 7135 FM Approved NFPA 72 UL 1971 ULC Dual Listed Indoor models UL ULC FM MEA Weatherproof models CSFM strobe only MEA ULC S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 0314 www fike com FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Cont Mounting 4 x 4 x 1 1 2 or 2 x 4 x 1 7 8 standard Indoor Operating Temperature 32o to 120oF 0o to Maximum humidity 95 as tested per UL464 Operating Temperatures Weatherproof horn and horn strobes 32o to 150oF to 66oC Outdoor strobe only to 158oF to 70oC ULC Canadian Models to 66oC Voltages 12 or 24VDC and FWR unfiltered Operating voltage range 12V 8 24V 16 Operating voltage range with Sync module 20 12V 9 24V 17 U S Patent Numbers 5,593,569 5,914,665 6,049,446 Do not exceed 1 16 or 8 voltage range limit 2 number of 70 strobe lights when connecting the 20 130 Sync module with a maximum line impedance of 4 ohms per and 3 maximum line impedance as required by the fire alarm manufacturer Draw and Operation Operating Strobe ma Operating Strobe mA Operating Horn mA Operating Horn mA Candela Settings and 24 operating voltage permissible for all candela except 12 V not permissible for 30,75 and 110 Selections strobe candela selection adjust slide switch located on rear of the product while watching the viewing window the side of the reflector Switch Operation Weatherproof Mounting with Universal Plate Horn Tones horn tones for temporal and non temporal low high volume is electromechanical 3000 Hz interrupted MODELS P N P N Output Horn Strobe Red Output Horn Strobe White Output Horn Strobe 12 24 volt Red Plain housing Output Horn Strobe 12 24 volt White Plain housing Output Horn Strobe 12 24 volt Red Weatherproof Output Horn Strobe 12 24 volt Red housing Output Strobe Red Output Strobe White Output Strobe 12 24 volt Red Plain housing Output Strobe 12 24 volt White Plain housing Weatherproof Strobe Multi CD 120 VAC Output Strobe 12 24 volt Red housing Mount Horn Red Mount Horn White Wall Mount Horn Red Circuit Module Red Circuit Module White Circuit Module Red Canadian Model Circuit Module White Canadian Model Plate for Single Gang Red Small Footprint Plate for Single Gang White Small Footprint Mount Back Box Skirt Red Surface Mount Mount Back Box Skirt White Surface Mount Mounting Plate Red Mounting Plate White Back Box Red All of of the responsibility of candela strobes or horn strobes are recommended for 20 x 20 rooms or less products are designed for wall mount only All weatherproof models must use weatherproof back box model 20 130 34 ADAAG Sec 2.2 However it than 75 candela strobes All than 75 candela strobes may be permissible under the equivalent facilitation clause of person or entity designing the fire alarm system to determine the acceptability of AND ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS horns strobes and horn strobes shall be capable of mounting to a standard 4 x4 x 1 1 2 back box or a single gang 4 x1 7 8 back box using the universal mounting plate included with each Fike product Also Fike products when in conjunction with the accessory Sync Module shall be powered from a non coded power supply and shall on 12 or 24 volts 12 volt rated devices shall have an operating voltage range of 9 volts 24 volt rated devices have an operating voltage range or 17 volts Fike products shall have an operating temperature of 32 to 120 operate from a regulated DC or full wave rectified unfiltered power supply shall be a System Sensor Model listed to UL 1971 and be approved for fire protective service The strobe be wired as a primary signaling notification appliance and comply with the Americans with Disabil

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