Fike Triple Combination Control Accessories

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Protection Systems and Architect Specifications COMBINATION ACCESSORIES Listed Approved APPROVED offers control accessories in the following U L listed combinations Manual Release Abort Main Reserve Manual Release Abort Main Reset Manual Release Reserve Remote Reset System Abort Reserve Remote Reset Manual Release Switch is a dual actuation device provides a means of manually discharging the fire extinguishing system when used in con with the Fike control panel System Abort Switch is designed to be used in con with other system equipment It provides a tem manual means by which the agent actuation cir may be interrupted before automatic actuation to switch is used with systems incorporate main and reserve back up agent stor The switch may utilize 1 or 2 Form contact which will provide an electrical path to either the or release devices s Keyed Remote Reset Switch provides a method for the Control Panel from a remote locatin combination controls mount on a standard 4 masonry electrical box measuring 7 3 8 wide x 3 3 4 95.3mm high x 2 3 8 deep Fike P N 02 2123 Systems Fike Corporation South 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A Telefax 816 229 4615 rights reserved NO D1055 7 1996 by Fike Corporation 1996 Issue in U S A

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