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VESDA DISPLAY MODULES S5198 ULC CS729 FM 1DOA4 AY LPC SSL VdS modules provide real time indication of the status of a detector They have a 20 segment vertical bar graph a 2 digit numeric display an audible sounder clear and fault indicators They also have 4 push button keys to the detector and the mode of the display Display Module can be mounted into a detector unit a mounting box or a 19in sub rack Several displays can configured to display information from a single detector in locations are various versions of the display module depending on type of detector and the relay configuration required The display has a fourth mode for the Numerical Display which shows the First Alarm Sector FAS this the number of the sector pipe that has detected smoke For the LaserCOMPACT the Fire 2 LED is omitted Indication levels are continuously shown on a bar graph display where each illuminated segment indicates the current level detected smoke top segment of the bar graph indicates the Fire 1 smoke threshold level and each segment below that level 1 20 of the Fire 1 smoke threshold level the left of the bar graph are the Fire 1 Action and Alert smoke threshold indicators At a glance these provide a representation of the programmable alarm thresholds showing how close the smoke level is to triggering the level of alarm Lights intensity flashing LEDs provide a clear indication of the fire condition and are accompanied by an audible appropriate to the alarm condition Similarly any fault condition is indicated by a series of LEDs and an tone providing a comprehensive range of status information The audible warning is easily silenced by pressing Silence button at which point any flashing LEDs are illuminated until the cause of the event is identified rectified the system reset Display 2 digit numerical readout has a number of modes that are indicated by up to four LEDs smoke current smoke level in obscuration ft obscuration m 1 threshold in obscuration ft obscuration m This is the sensitivity of the detector VESDA zone number Alarm Sector on the LaserSCANNER display the numeric readout shows the sector pipe number that has Button Keys large tactile push button keys enable users to reset isolate or silence the detector and control the mode of the module The buttons can be disabled to prevent operation of its functions lamp test routine is initiated by pressing the Mode key for two seconds A Manual Scan can be initiated on the by holding the Silence button for 2 seconds No V 1.02.01 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com Immediate Status Reporting for a VESDA Zone Zone Control of Assigned VESDA High Intensity Alarm LEDs Relay Option Vertical Bar Graph Display Threshold Indicators Sounder for Audible Warning Fault Reporting Multi mode Numeric Display defaults to obscuration Mounting Option Voltage Consumption 24VDC to 30VDC WHD Temperature Indicators Buttons Keys Dual Function Silence Scan Indicators Only remote Mounting Box No Relays Alarm Alarm in Remote Box 5.5in x 5.9in x 3.4in 140mm x 150mm x 85mm to 103 0 to 39 non condensing Intensity LEDs with 70 degree viewing angle Silence Scan Reset Isolate Can be disabled during except Silence A pressed key gives a short tone when and a long tone when disabled press selects modes on the numeric display Sensitivity Smoke Level Zone Number For LaserSCANNER displays the First sector pipe in can be selected Note The current mode is indicated by the LEDs Long press activates the Test Mode function on Scanner only Press Silences any alarm or fault warnings Flashing LEDs are lit until the event is cleared and the system reset Only affects local display press Initiates the scanning of each pipe individually for smoke and the current levels all the alarms and faults on the detector and its associated displays the alarm or fault condition has not been cleared then the appropriate indications will be repeated reset does not clear the isolate mode the detector from any external devices or systems This includes all relays in the detector and in remote unites Isolate relay is activated the detector is in isolate mode A fault that affects the whole VESDA system any devices on VESDAnet A fault that affects only the assigned VESDA detector and its displays A serious fault that requires immediate attention This light will illuminate when at least one other fault light is lit A fault with either the mains AC or battery backup power supply A failure in the VESDAnet communications link Airflow drift Urgent indicates serious aspirator or pipe failure Filter needs replacing Urgent indicates that filter replacement is MODULES MOUNTING BOX SUB RACK INFORMATION VRT 600 VRT 200 VSP 002 Display Remote Mount Display 7 relays Remote Mount for mounting to LaserPLUS Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No V 1.02.01 July 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice document may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without the prior express written permission of the copyright owner Copyright 2003 Vision Fire Security Pty Ltd ABN 008 009 514 The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs or specifications without obligation and without further notice VESDA LaserPLUS LaserSCANNER LaserCOMPACT VESDAnet VESDAlink ASPIRE AutoLearn VSM VConfig and InfoWORKS are trademarks used under by the distributor

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