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Voice Evacuation Broadband Networked Multi Channel Fire Alarm Control Emergency Voice Evacuation System NetSOLO Broadband is a revolutionary advance in fire detection and emergency evacuation system design NetSOLO Broadband employs the proven of the 7100 Series fire alarm control panel and expands it to accomplish multi channel voice evacuation is a true peer to peer token passing networked system capable of supporting up to individual nodes All systems status control by event sequences audio paging and fire fighter telephone signals are sent between the nodes over just single pair of wires or fiber optic cable NetSOLO Broadband node can be spaced along the network a maximum of 3,000 feet 914.4 m over an unshielded twisted pair of wires or up to an loss using fiber optic cable Built in isolation at each node permits Style 4 6 and network configurations Broadband is capable of the most sophisticated sequences of operations Field Configuration Program FCP NetSOLO is based on Boolean logic providing AND OR NOT and XOR logic operators These operators can be to produce additional Boolean operators such as NAND NOR XNOR etc A set of timing functions can also be attached to any input output logic for staggered reset of fan control relays time delayed alarm activation system silence etc BENEFITS Ideal for a wide range of Each INCC supports up Broadband IBC Seismic Certified All communication and control by sequences over a single of twisted wires or cable Distributed including 7 wiring allow components to normal with no loss function during line fault system including or campus Integrates 7100 Series fire control panels transponders and command to create a audio system with to sixty four nodes Offers a network data rate at 625K Graphic Network NGA sixteen ASM 16 switch for a total of switches in which software can be Remote 48 LED Driver ANU 48 Redundant command with and fire handset easily by adding State of the art digital processor DSP for efficient compression and Software multi digital audio Up to 150 watts of power three AM Series amplifier with an 50 watts of power in each network INX CAB cabinet Each AM 50 Series module two activated circuits 50 watts of power Sixteen message with up to 3 duration per Messages easily field with a computer Advanced Boolean such as OR NOT NOR delay and functions through INX transponder occupies a single address on the and provides termination points for the connection using either a pair of twisted wire 12 AWG max or fiber optic cable INI VGX uses advanced Digital Signal Processing technology for audio compression and filtering allows the NetSOLO Broadband to produce the audio possible while conserving the network for an instantaneous response During paging and fire fighter communication noise is automatically filtered This allows increased audibility and eliminates the for push to talk devices INI VGX can accommodate up to sixteen different with a total combined duration of three Each message can be installed in the field a laptop computer Available message options voice messaging or evacuation tone INI VGX also provides a fire fighter phone riser addressable signal line circuit that connects to phone jacks or warden stations through as as sixteen AOM TELF modules In addition the SLC can support up to thirty two speaker using the AOM 2SF for single channel INX CAB B can contain up to four AM 50 Series that produce 50 watts of power either 25 or 70.7 VRMS audio output Each amplifier two separate speaker circuits that can be Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A In addition amplifier can broadcast its own tone or message of other system amplifiers Thus an transponder can produce three audio channels Each INX transponder can support to four AM 50 Series amplifiers operating as main with one AM 50 Series amplifier used as a backup amplifier INX transponder receives its power from a PM 9 nine ampere filtered switching power supply 24 VDC nominal operating voltage The PM has an integral standby battery charger of recharging up to 55 A H batteries The INX house up to 12 A H sized batteries 7100 NetSOLO is a microprocessor based fire control panel with two analog addressable line circuits SLC 7100 is equipped with an Intelligent Network Module for unshielded twisted wire and cable INI 7100 FO Options include an Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter supporting the most popular reporting Intelligent Network Command Center INCC as the point of interface between an operator the system audio evacuation fire fighter and building network The INCC occupies a address on the NetSOLO Broadband network A INCC assembly consists of the following An Intelligent Network Interface Voice Gateway module fiber optic or unshielded twisted INI VGC UTP unshielded twisted pair only One or more Addressable Switch Modules Optional Graphic Annunciator NGA Remote 48 LED Driver Module ANU 48 include a voice paging microphone and a fire handset connecting to the INI VGC Each can support up to sixteen ASM 16 modules ASM 16 has sixteen push button switches for a capacity of 256 switches per INCC center Each switch has three associated colored green yellow and red These switches their LEDs are fully programmable to serve any function desired They can control audio circuits notification appliance circuits relay outputs fire fighter phone control Switches may also be customized for any application that might be required INCCs can be configured into the NetSOLO network to serve as a completely command center for their local area or as remote command centers mimicking in part in whole the function of a main command center Intelligent Network Transponder INX acts as a audio transponder for the NetSOLO Network The INX transponder serves as point of distribution for the system audio and fire telephone circuits and occupies a single node the NetSOLO network typical INX assembly consists of the following an Intelligent Network Interface Voice Gateway module a PM 9 PM 9G power supply up to four AM 50 Series amplifiers 1 illustrates the NetSOLO Broadband System configuration NetSOLO with two appliance circuits rated 1.7 amps 24 Class 2 Power limited analog addressable line circuits 394 devices 2 Power limited 6 Class with optional Command Center shown with optional and FireFighter Handset ASM 16 Switch modules with 16 Programmable switches each with three programmable LEDs red green yellow Transponder with six programmable circuits each rated 50 Class 2 Power limited simultaneous audio channels to 16 programmable voice Integral Digital Alarm Transmitter DACT local or network wide event reporting or fiber optic cable between nodes ft 900 m distance with wire to 8 dB loss fiber optic 2 Power limited signaling line circuit with AOM TELF and 32 AOM 2SF devices AOM TELs Style 4 Class Class 2 Power limited fighter phone riser 2 Power limited 1 NetSOLO Broadband System 2 illustrates the

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