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HARRINGTON INC ALARM Tracker T2000 Alarm Control Panel Signal Inc 4th Avenue Moline Illinois 61265 Box 590 Moline Illinois 61266 0590 800 577 5758 Local 309 762 0731 Fax 309 762 8215 www harringtonfire com T2000 FACP FireSpy a modular design that can either addressable and or con The basic unit with built in circuits and can add Class B or 5 Class A conventional with or without a Dialer all in the main FACP cabinet different combinations of cabinets the Tracker may expanded up 60 Class B or 30 A conventional zones T2000 FACP contains two built in that can be programmed for I Spy XP95 Series addressable 126 points per SLC or Sensor addressable devices detectors 99 modules T2000 can be programmed from the keypad of FACP or from a PC with the package Tracker T2000 FACP supports a Alarm Communicator T UDACT that can be in the FACP enclosure or in remote enclosure The T UDACT either SIA or Contact ID to the Central Station Information Number Part Number T UDACT has a built in speaker for feedback which can be or disabled Design Learn Programming programmable through on Panel or Null Modem Cable interface via PC Peer to Peer up to 250 panels a T8 P N will have 250 system groups 250 network groups w optional module T NCA Printer Interface Non Modules can be remotely placed bus provides communication modules Addressable Module supports SLC s provide Drift have Flash Non Flash LED per Detector Verification Night Sensitivity Schedule for Schedule 20 days per year Intelligent IR E A LARM support I Spy XP95 126 or System Sensor 198 protocol can be individual Protocol Module T CM 5 A or 10 Class B zones per up to 30 Class A or Class B conventional zones 6 T boards per system Relay Module T SRM 8 programmable relay Continued on Next Page Addressable SLC FACP Class A or B System Sensor I Spy XP95 Addressable SLC FACP Class A or B System Sensor I Spy XP95 w T UDACT Addressable SLC FACP Class A or B System Sensor I Spy XP95 NAC Class A or B Network Card LCD Annunciator Board without Cabinet for T2000 T8000 LCD Annunciator Board in Cabinet for the T2000 T8000 Red Boards w 2 Programmable Relays connects off the MCC or CM Module Boards is needed to 1st T RC board connection 5 board limit per connection Control Assbly incl chassis MCC LCU PDC PC power supply RL980 120VAC for T2 P T2 P D only Module Board w 10 Zones Class B or 5 Zones Class A Expander Cabinet boards to be placed in remote locations 1 T CM board Dialer or Contact ID Information Continued on Next Page INC ALARM Tracker T2000 Alarm Control Panel Information Continued Number Part Number 8000 FACP w T8 MBC T NCA in a T8 CAB can be used as a Master for a T2000 Module Board Module Board in Expander Cabinet 10 Class B or 5 Class A w 1 T RC Board form C contacts can hold up to 5 T RC Relay Boards Board Expander Cabinet Only can hold up to 5 T RC Relay Boards T RC Relay Board in Expander Cabinet can hold up to 5 T RC Relay Boards or T NCA Expander Cabinet Relay Module Board w 8 Programmable Relays Driver Module Board w up to 250 outputs LED or Lamps to connect T RC Board to the MCC Board or T CM Module Board 14 to connect T RC Board to the MCC Board or T CM Module Board 36 Annunciator Cabinet Only Special Order Hardware Kit for Expander Cabinets stand offs nuts screws Hardware Kit for T RC T UDACT T NCA Boards screws Programming Cable T2 P FACP T8 P FACP 15 Lock Key Modem Cable DB9F to DB9F 6 15 Key Only Continued supports 6 T SRM s for a total of 48 programmable relay contacts Driver Module T LDV provides up to 250 outputs to drive lamps may be LEDs or Incandescent bulbs 4 T LDV per System Remote annunciators T ANN per FACP reset programmable per each annunciator can be set up as latching or non latching event can be set up as non reporting latching or non reporting non latching event Delay by Groups Walk Test Walk Test built in NAC output circuits rate at 3 Amps each and 7 Amps total per system outputs can be configured for Gentex Sync Protocol outputs can be configured as 24 VDC continuous or resettable power source outputs can be programmed as an Input dry contact circuit for Alarm Water Pull Station Supervisory Conditions Alarm Communicator Transmitter T UDACT Supports SIA and Contact ID Format Series Only Excluding IS819 IS820 and System Sensor Series Detectors Only INC ALARM Tracker T2000 Alarm Control Panel 8 5 NACs PC PRINTER straight cable BOARD ASS Y T8000 OR T2000 CONTACTS SYSTEM ALARM SYSTEM SUPV ALARM SYSTEM TROUBLE CONTACTS PER RC MAX LINES CENTRAL REMOTE NETWORK PER RC MAX CM MAX MAX MAX T8000 MAX T2000 MAX MAX PER LCU CLASS A OR ONLY CLASS B CM CONTACTS OUTPUTS PER SRM LDV TOTAL MAY BE INDIVIDUALLY CONFIGURED AS NAC AUX POWER OR INPUT SYSTEM MUST USE AT LEAST ONE INITIATING DEVICE INC ALARM Tracker T2000 Alarm Control Panel Specifications panel shall be a Harrington Signal FireSpy series Tracker T2000 modular type design with two built in SLC s and or conventional zones with the option of adding on modules for other user The Tracker T2000 shall support the following modules T CM T SRM T UDACT T LDV T ANN and basic Tracker T 000 addressable panel shall consist of be capable of operating either I S py expandable to 60 zones conventional w EXP enclosure The basic system XP95 series or System Sensor series addressable devices on the built in and or optional 10 zones T2000 shall support either I Spy XP95 or System Sensor addressable devices per SLC The T2000 shall up to 126 addressable points of I Spy XP95 series of either detectors or modules or 99 detectors 99 modules of the System Sensor series Tracker T2000 shall have auto programming from the keypad or programming from a PC with the Tracker software package The panel shall have the capability of connecting to a modem for off site programming and trouble shooting accessory only Tracker T2000 shall have four output circuits that can be configured in eight different modes of The Tracker T2000 shall have built in sync for combination horn strobe circuits The Tracker shall have a T N module one per FACP to network up to 250 panels in a peer to peer netwo panel group association and 250 network group

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