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HARRINGTON INC ALARM Tracker T2000E Fire Alarm Audio Control Panel Signal Inc 4th Avenue Moline Illinois 61265 Box 590 Moline Illinois 61266 0590 800 577 5758 Local 309 762 0731 Fax 309 762 8215 www harringtonfire com Tracker Fire FireSpy Control Panel FACP comes Circuits SLC and cannot be Built In A Signaling T2000E can be configured with a 25 50 or 100 Watt module Quality Audio with Fire Products in a single The Audio Speaker Circuits be either Class A or Class B Audio portion of the panel can separated into 8 Class or 4 speaker circuits plus Remote microphone panels expander audio amplifier the Fire Audio combination be configured to satisfy most digital message and tone is built the panel The selection of alarm and automatic message can repeated with up to 4 conditions 6 hour delay of AC power failure is available These options all field configurable T2000E FACP contains two Built In SLC loops that can be for either I Spy XP95 devices 126 ports per or System Sensor addressable 99 detectors 99 modules Fire portion of the T2000E can program devices on an loop or program zones on your Additionally the T2000E automatic drift com and is easily pro from either the fire or through the user friendly program software Design Learn Programming programmable through on Panel or Null Modem Cable programming via PC Peer to Peer up to 250 needs a T8 P N will have 250 system and 250 network groups w network module T NCA Printer Interface Non Modules can be remotely bus provides to modules Addressable Module 2 SLC s provide Drift have Flash Non Flash Option per Detector Verification Night Sensitivity Schedule for Information Number Number Schedule 20 days per year Intelligent support I Spy XP95 126 devices System Sensor 198 devices protocol can be individual Protocol Module T CM 5 Class A 10 Class B zones per module Continued on Next Combo Voice Amplifier Class B or Class A Red Combo Voice Amplifier Class B or Class A Red Combo Voice Amplifier Class B or Class A Red 2 Class A speaker zone Splitter Card 4 Class B speaker zone Splitter Card Remote Serial Interface Card Audio Matching line input output card Max 1 per cabinet Supervised Card for remote Microphone in surface semi flush cabinet Supervisory Card for remote Microphone surface Battery Cabinet Red surface Battery Cabinet Red LCD Annunciator Board in Cabinet for the T2000 and T8000 Red Information Continued on Next Page INC ALARM Tracker T2000E Fire Alarm Audio Control Panel Number Number or Contact ID Boards w 2 Programmable Relays connects off the MCC or CM Module Boards is needed to 1st T RC board connection 5 board limit per connection Control Assbly incl chassis MCC LCU PDC PC power supply RL980 120VAC Module Board w 10 Zones Class B or 5 Zones Class A Expander Cabinet boards to be placed in remote locations 1 T CM board Dialer Module Board Module Board in Expander Cabinet 10 Class B or 5 Class A w 1 T RC can hold up to 5 T RC Relay Boards T RC Relay Board in Expander Cabinet can hold up to 5 T RC Relay Boards Relay Module Board w 8 Programmable Relays to connect T RC Board to the MCC Board or T CM Module Board 14 to connect T RC Board to the MCC Board or T CM Module Board 36 Programming Cable T2 P FACP T8 P FACP Modem Cable DB9F to DB9F 6 15 Key Only Continued up to 30 Class A or 60 Class B conventional zones 6 T CM boards per system Relay Module T SRM provides 8 programmable relay contacts supports 6 T SRM s for a total of 48 programmable relay contacts Driver Module T LDV provides up to 250 outputs to drive lamps may be LEDs or Incandescent bulbs 4 T LDV per System Remote annunciators T ANN per FACP reset programmable per each annunciator can be set up as latching or non latching event can be set up as non reporting latching or non reporting non latching event Delay by Groups Walk Test Walk Test built in NAC output circuits rate at 3 Amps each and 7 Amps total per system outputs can be configured for Gentex Sync Protocol outputs can be configured as 24 VDC continuous or resettable power source outputs can be programmed as an Input dry contact circuit for Alarm Water Pull Station Supervisory Conditions Alarm Communicator Transmitter T UDACT Supports SIA and Contact ID Format has built in speaker with enable or disable feature for installation troubleshooting has unsent event log purge switch Options 50 or 100 Watt Audio Output to 8 Class Speaker Circuits or 4 Class All Call Alert Alarm Signals Minute Message Capacity Microphone Override INC ALARM Tracker T 2000E Fire Alarm Audio Control Panel INPUT VAC Hz HAVE NAC input limited are shaded limited must be from limited areas at least 1 4 inch UDACT NCA zones NAC output max max 25,50HAVE max 100HAVE Dimensions W x 33.25 Dimensions W x 32 H x 4 D area is non power for phone line if using INC ALARM Tracker T2000E Fire Alarm Audio Control Panel Specifications panel shall be a Harrington Signal FireSpy series Tracker T2000 modular type design with two built in SLC s and or conventional zones with the option of adding on modules for other user The Tracker T2000 shall support the following modules T CM T SRM T UDACT T LDV T ANN and T basic Tracker T 000 addressable panel shall consist of be capable of operating either I S expandable to 60 zones conventional w EXP enclosure The basic system XP95 series or System Sensor series addressable devices on the py built in and or optional 10 zones T2000 shall support either I Spy X

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