Hochiki FN-4127-SLC 9-2004

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FN 4127 SLC DUAL SLC LOOP EXPANDER Voltage 24 40VDC Current Current Capacity One expander per FireNET loop current max each panel SLC Class A or B per per loop Load sensors modules analog sounder bases 254 total ohms 1uF 1mH max L x 4.5 W model FN 4127 SLC Dual SLC Loop Expander is two loop expander board that increases the FireNET loop capacity from 2 to 4 loops FN 4127 SLC can be added at the factory or in the field and mounts within the main board location as a piggy back board By the FN 4127 SLC the FireNET capacity is from 254 254 to 508 508 analog points within the overall 800 address limit The FN 4127 SLC has the same as the built in SLC loops The FN 4127 utilizes Hochiki robust DCP loop protocol for reliable and fast alarm reporting without the for shielded or twisted pair wiring for the SLC FEATURES two SLC loops to a two loop FireNET panel SLC loop is capable of 127 sensors plus 127 analog sounder bases a potential total of 254 addresses per 127 127 per loop can be added at the factory or in the field Class A and B wiring methods per Styles 4 6 and 7 with isolators supervised power limited SLC loops Hochiki DCP Digital Protocol loop protocol functionality as built in SLC loops of control panel One SLC expander maximum may be per FireNET control panel SLC loop is completely independent autonomous Uses standard wire no shielded or twisted required on SLC loops LISTINGS 864 Category UOJZ CNN Signal System Control Sub Assembly S8255 Vol 1 compliant 7165 0410 159 subject to change without notice America Corporation Village Drive Suite 100 Buena Park CA 90621 2268 714 522 2246 Fax 714 522 2268 Support 800 845 6692 or technicalsupport hochiki com latest revision at www hochiki com

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