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Identify System Type thermostat is compatible with the following systems Gas oil or electric furnace Central air conditioner Hot water system with or without pump Millivolt system Central heating and cooling system Heat pump without auxiliary backup heat you need assistance We are here to help 1 800 468 1502 for wiring assistance before returning thermostat to the store thermostat cannot be used on heat pumps with heat or on multistage systems ManualRead and save these instructions For help please visit yourhome honeywell comRTH2300 RTH221 SeriesProgrammableThermostatfirealarmresources com O M E R C U RY O B OT E E R C U R I O MERCURY RECYCLING NOTICE product does not contain mercury However product may replace a product that contains Mercury and products containing should not be discarded in household more information on how and where to recycle a thermostat containing in the United States please refer to the Recycling Corporation at mercury thermostat recycling in Canada refer to Switch the Stat at To avoid possible compressor damage do not run air if the outside temperature drops below 50 10 assistance assistance with this product please visit call Honeywell Customer Care toll free at save time please note your model number date code before calling at bottom to remove thermostat from thermostat over to find model number date code of contents 3 Installation 8 your new thermostat and Home screen reference 10 energy saving schedules 11 and operation the clock 11 program schedules 12 schedules temporarily 13 schedules permanently 13 protection 14 filter 14 batteries 15 16 warranty 17 Turn Off Power to Heating Cooling System breaker system switch Remove Old Thermostat old thermostat but leave wallplate with wires attached not remove wallplate yet you have an older thermostat with a mercury tube turn to page 2 proper disposal instructions Label Wires with Tags the wires using the supplied wire labels as you disconnect them designation Separate Wallplate from New Thermostat wallplate from the new thermostat and mount onto wall Labels REMOVE WALLPLATE HERE Mount Wallplate the new wallplate using the included screws and anchors 3 16 in holes for drywall 3 32 in holes for plaster Connect Wires match wire labels labels do not match letters on the thermostat check Wiring on 6 and connect to terminal as shown here see notes below WIRES TIGHTEN metal if you both R and wires does not work on Heat Pumps with auxiliary backup heat are here to help Call 1 800 468 1502 for wiring assistance Wiring O G Y W NOT Rc wires will be connected to both R and Rc terminals remove metal not use C or X Wrap bare end of wire with electrical tape you have a heat pump without auxiliary backup heat connect O or B both If you do not have a heat pump do not connect B Wrap bare of wire with electrical tape a jumper piece of wire between Y and W if you are using a heat without auxiliary backup heat Install Batteries two AAA alkaline batteries of thermostat Set fan operation switch the switch to the proper setting or Oil For gas or oil heating systems the fan operation switch in this factory set for systems that control the fan in a call heat or Heat Pump Change the switch this setting for heat pump or electric heat This setting is for systems that the thermostat to control the fan in a call heat if a fan wire is connected to the G Install Thermostat onto thermostat onto the wallplate on wall OR OIL OR HEAT PUMP OR OIL OR HEAT PUMP Turn Power Back On the power back on to heating cooling system Off Cool Off Cool Off Cool Auto On On On breaker box Heating cooling system switch If your system type is your system type is Single Stage Heat and Cool Heat Only or Cool Only you done your system type is Heat pump High efficiency furnace Hot water with Advanced Installation to match your thermostat to your system Electric furnace Gas oil steam Gravity system you are not sure of your system type or if you have other call us toll free at 1 800 468 1502 thermostat works on 24 volt or 750 mV systems It will NOT work on multi conventional systems Installation System Setup enter system setup press and hold the s and t buttons until the display approximately 5 seconds Settings Press the s or t button to change setting Press the s and t buttons for one second to to the next function Press the RUN button to exit and save Off Cool Off Cool Auto On On 5 If you do not press any button for 60 seconds while you are in the setup the thermostat automatically saves any changes made and exits the the s or t button to your heating system and its operation Fahrenheit or Celsius display Compressor Protection clock display Change Filter Timer Gas or oil furnace Use this setting if you have a standard or oil furnace that is less than 90 efficient Electric furnace Use this setting if you have any type of heating system Heat pump hot water or high efficiency furnace this setting if you have a hot water system or a gas of greater than 90 efficiency Gas oil steam or gravity system Use this setting if you a steam or gravity heat system Fahrenheit temperature display Celsius temperature display On Off 12 hour display 24 hour display Off 30 days 90 days 6 months 9 months 1 year Off On Program schedule default settings are listed on program schedule to settings Compressor Protection This feature forces the compressor to wait approximately 5 minutes before to prevent equipment damage During the wait time the message On or On displayed on screen your new thermostat new Honeywell thermostat has been designed to give you many years of service and easy to use push button climate control Backlit display on RTH2300 Displays ambient measured temperature at all times One touch access to setpoint temperature Preset program settings Temporary and permanent override of schedule Built in compressor protection controls Press to set Press override Press to program Switch is used to control heating or cooling system Heat Heating system control Off All systems off Cool Cooling system control screen indicator when the setpoint is displayed day time page 11 the up or buttons you reach desired Make sure SYSTEM switch s

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