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T4039A B D M S V Voltage Cooling and Thermostats Thermostats Control Line Voltage Valves of fan coil unit in cooling manual changeover heat or automatic changeover heating cool systems One or two valves may be controlled by the thermostat The fan switch where controls air circulation 2 or 3 speed manual fan control available Color coded leadwires Positive deadspot separates heating cooling circuits automatic models Remote changeover switch is to separate circuits in manual changeover models All models can be mounted on standard vertical boxes Models with manual switching can be on 4 in square junction boxes or 2 outlet boxes Scale range is approximately 55 F to 95 F 13 to C in 10 F 6 C increments from 75 F 24 midpoint Scale is marked COOL WARM Cooling circuit breaks in FAN OFF position to re condensation problems in the fan coil unit Adjustable range stops limit temperature adjust or lock at selected setpoint Models available with separate power source for and thermostat 2 Information 2 5 8 8 H Rev 10 92 Inc 1992 Form Number 60 2241 ORDERING INFORMATION Only Only Coolingc Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling See Fig 4 for arrangements of switches OFF breaks cooling circuit and fan circuit Remote changeover switch required OFF breaks both heating and cooling circuits and circuit RATINGS Thermostat valve load A B Fan Switch Load A Rotor A Vac Vac Vac Vac Vac Vac 5.5 2.4 at 125 Vac at 240 Vac at 277 Vac SETTING RANGE Approximately F to 95 F 13 C to 35 C marked COOL in 10 F 6 C increments from 75 F 24 C Approximately 2 F 1 C at mid On automatic heating cooling models the from make of one contact to make of opposite contact is 7 F 4 C maximum with a deadspot See Figs 1 and 2 Information purchasing replacement and modernization products from your TRADELINE wholesaler or your distributor refer to the Catalog or price sheets for complete ordering number or specify Model number you have additional questions need further information or would like to comment on our products or services please write or phone Your local Honeywell Home and Building Control Sales Office check white pages of your phone directly Home and Building Control Customer Satisfaction Inc 1885 Douglas Drive North Minnesota 55422 4386 612 951 1000 Canada Limited Honeywell Limit 740 Ellesmere Road Scarborough Ontario M1P 2V9 International Sales and offices in all principal cities of the world Manufacturing in Australia Canada Finland France Germany Japan Mexico Spain Taiwan United Kingdom U S A Silver bronze T4039M is available in white Models without manual switching mount standard vertical outlet boxes Models with manual mount on 4 in square junction boxes or outlet boxes Manual switching models may mount on a standard vertical outlet box if local permit See Fig 3 LABORATORIES INC LISTED File E4436 Vol 2 dated 3 19 73 Guide No XAPX 1 dimensions in in mm of models with manual switching 2 dimensions in in mm of models without manual switching 3 T4039 INSTALLING THIS PRODUCT Read these instructions carefully Failure to follow could damage the product or cause a hazardous Check the ratings given in the instructions and on product to make sure the product is suitable for your Installer must be a trained experienced service After the installation is complete check out product as provided in these instructions power supply to prevent electrical shock equipment damage mounting be sure to remove cardboard shipping that protect the contacts Remove T4039 cover by loosening the cover screw Allen wrench Open the cardboard inside cover by pressing inward on left side to release latch Do not remove this cover Carefully remove the shipping inserts from around the contacts Check contact operation before mounting device without manual switching mount on standard outlet boxes Models with manual switching on 4 in square junction boxes or 2 ganged outlet Manual switching models can also mount on stan vertical outlet boxes if local electrical codes permit thermostat on side wall about 5 ft 1.5 m above floor Do not mount where thermostat can be affected by radiant heat from the sun or other sources of heat Allen wrench to open cover and mount according Fig 3 Two mounting screws are provided power supply before beginning installa to avoid electrical shock or equipment damage All must comply with local codes and ordinances schematic and external connections for the are shown in Fig 4 Use solderless connectors or approved methods to wire thermostat into the sys Six inch color coded leadwires are provided T4039 temperature scale is marked COOL WARM approximate scale divisions of 10 F from 75 F C midpoint The range is approximately 55 F to 95 13 C to 35 C Set lever at desired temperature adjust the temperature setpoint range stops Fig 3 stops at the desired temperature range setpoint insert 4 schmeatics and external connections for T4039 Thermostats FAN COOLING HOT HOT FAN CONTROL COOLING HOT FAN COOLING CONTROL HEATING HOT HOT COOLING CONTROL HEATING HOT FAN CONTROL FAN CONTROL HEATING HOT COOLING COOLING HEATING HOT FAN COOLING CONTROL HEATING HOT HOT BREAKS COOLING AND FAN CIRCUITS BREAKS HEATING COOLING AND FAN CIRCUITS POWER SOURCE FOR THERMOSTAT AND CONNECT ORANGE AND YELLOW FOR POWER SOURCE IF NEEDED 4 schmeatics and external connections for T4039 Thermostats Continued HOT FAN CONTROL FAN CONTROL COO

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