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TZ 4 TotalZone Zone Control Panel TZ 4 TotalZone Zone Control Panel controls single stage conventional or heat pump heat cool equipment controls 2 3 or 4 zones and is expandable up to 32 zones optional TotalZone Add A Zone cid 153 Four Zone Control DATA Up to three stages heat and two stages cooling can be by thermostat built in timer or based on percentage of zones calling Controls single stage multi stage conventional heat or dual fuel equipment Controls up to four zones and can be expanded up to zones with Add A Zone Control Panels Uses Honeywell four wire single stage multi stage or heat pump thermostats Zone A Lone central setback feature Purge timer protects equipment between calls for heat cool with choice of panel or HVAC equipment fan System and zone damper LEDs indicate system and status zone fan control Discharge Air Temperature Sensor for capacity control adjustable high and low limits Thermal circuit breaker protects panel and transformer damage if miswired Internet access technical support call 1 800 828 8367 download Zoning literature http hbctechlit honeywell com and Checkout 12 12 17 U S Registered Trademark 2002 Honeywell cid 149 All Rights Reserved TOTALZONE ZONE CONTROL PANEL Ratings 20 30 Vac 50 60 Hz 13 VA nominal Ratings run 200,000 cycles 30 Vac 3.5 inrush run 100,000 cycles 30 Vac 7.5A inrush Ratings to 90 percent RH non condensing Ratings 20 cid 176 to 120 cid 176 F 40 cid 176 to 150 cid 176 F 10 3 4 in H x 12 3 4 in W x 1 7 8 in D Fig 1 Mounts with four 1 in no 8 screws provided holes in cabinet back Wall anchors are provided 18 gauge wire for all equipment and system Connections R C W1 E W2 W3 AUX Y1 Y2 G L O B M6 Closed M4 Open M1 Common Air Temperature Sensor C7735A1000 DATS OC OC Temperature OT OT 1 R hot C common 2 T1 hot T2 common Rc Rh W1 E W2 W3 AUX Y1 Y2 G O B See Table 1 conventional four wire R W Y G thermostats can be to control conventional heat pump or multi stage or automatic changeover switching thermostats can Multi stage or select heat pump thermostats can also be used 1 TZ 4 dimensions in in mm TOTALZONE ZONE CONTROL PANEL 1 Recommended Thermostats Stage Pumpb pump thermostat with single Y first stage terminals See Heat Pump Thermostats section and Fig 6 and heat pump thermostats are not required to control multi stage and heat pump systems with TotalZone They are only when second stage or emergency heat control from the zone thermostat is needed Y594R1243 must be wired to the panel using the B terminal for changeover thermostat second stage variable heating anticipator wire gray thermostat first stage fixed heating anticipator wire bare and second stage variable heating anticipator wire gray thermostat second stage cooling anticipator wire lowest bare wire Dampers See Table 2 ZD or ARD dampers maximum connected to each panel a maximum of five dampers per zone when using two VA transformers SDCR and 40 VA transformer for additional dampers on one zone 2 Recommended Dampers Damper Type are connected to M1 Common M4 Open and M6 see Fig 7 10 for hookups for 2000 cfm using Terminal Action Open Close for 2000 cfm For required accessories see Table 3 TOTALZONE ZONE CONTROL PANEL 3 Required Accessories Not Supplied Rating VA for static pressure Mount the TZ 4 zone panel near the HVAC equipment a wall or on the cold air return See Fig 2 Level the TZ 4 for appearance only Hazard cause electrical shock or equipment damage power before continuing installation must comply with applicable codes ordinances and Connect thermostats as shown in Fig 3 6 Connect dampers as shown in Fig 7 10 Connect C7735A Discharge Air Temperature Sensor supplied to the DATS terminals The wires are not See Fig 13 Connect Add A Zone panels if used to the AZ1 and terminals Connect the HVAC equipment to the EQUIP terminals the panel See Fig 15 21 Connect a 40 VA 24 volt transformer to R hot and C This must be a dedicated transformer and TAZ 4 board also requires a transformer See Fig The auxiliary 40 VA 24 volt transformer can be con to T1 and T2 if additional power for dampers is This second transformer is not required how total power consumption of panel and damper is to 40VA without it Damage Hazard not mount TZ 4 inside HVAC equipment only on wall or on cold air return DIP Switches panel has two banks of DIP switches DIP switch 4 S4 DIP switch 5 S5 see Fig 15 Each bank has eight switches that are identified by two numbers the first is the bank number 4 or 5 and the second number the individual switch For example DIP 5 1 is bank switch 1 Mount the thermostats in each zone of the living space the installation instructions provided with each Mount the dampers in the ductwork using the installa instructions provided with each damper EFFICIENCY CLEANER AIR C BOILER 2 TZ 4 mounting location Diagrams Fig 3 and 4 Thermostats RWYG thermostats can be used to control multi stage and heat pump equipment If the has a common terminal it is wired to C on the see Fig 3 A multi stage thermostat is wired with the and third stage of heat to W2 and W3 on the panel connections and with the second stage of cooling Y2 Leave the zone O B thermostat jumper on the TZ 4 See Single and Multi Stage Operation in the section for instructions on staging the TZ 4 PC8900 with the W8900A or W8900C can be used as a thermostat See Fig 4 for hookup This thermostat can used to control up to 2 heat and 2 cool stages of equipment When used to control heat pump the W8900A is recommended a jumper on the W8900 from Rc to Rh as shown in 4 Wire terminals R and C to a transformer If the system draw is within specifications the R and C on the could alternately be connected to R and C on the The PC8900 W8900 draws 5 VA TOTALZONE ZONE CONTROL PANEL THERMOSTAT

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