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V4943 V8943B C N Diaphragm Gas Valves V4943 V8943B and N single stage and V4944 V8944B N two stage are solenoid operated diaphragm valves for natural gas only The V4943 V8943C and V4944 V8944C and L are solenoid operated diaphragm suitable for Liquefied Petroleum LP gas only These are used on boilers unit heaters duct furnaces air and rooftop heaters DATA Models are available for natural or liquid petroleum gases Valve models L N are rapid opening less than six and fast closing and are available for LP and gases respectively Line voltage with two wire thermostat or controller is with V4943 V8943 is used with 24V thermostat or V4944 is used with line voltage dual stage thermostat controller V8944 is used with 24V dual stage or controller Slow opening B C valve models are available for and LP gases respectively Valve closes on power failure recommended for final Valve closing time 2 seconds maximum at 7 inches wc Valves rated for 0.5 pound per square inch psi 3.4 service pressure provided Leadwires and cover for electrical conduit connections Information and Troubleshooting 10 Information 12 V4944 V8944B C L N REGULATING DIAPHRAGM GAS VALVES models are solenoid operated regulating diaphragm gas Details are shown in Table 1 1 Model Availability Size to 25 Lead of 2 24V 10 120V Hz Hz 120V 24V 15 Hz 15 hz in 1 1 4 2 1 1 4 1 1 4 2 1 1 4 1 1 4 1 1 4 2 1 1 4 1 1 4 1 1 4 2 to 25 to 25 to 25 stage Includes natural gas mixed air natural gas LP gas air Capacity See Table 2 Pattern Straight through non offset 2 V4 8943 and V4 8944 Flow Capacity Body Material Die cast aluminum in pd cfh per cfh Capacities sp gr Natural Gas Size Terminations 1 4 in 6 mm spade terminals connects Leadwires and cover for electrical conduit are provided Closing Time On power failure a maximum of seconds at 7 in wc inlet pressure Temperature Ratings 40 to 150 40 to Fluid Temperatures 150 66 INFORMATION purchasing replacement and modernization products from your TRADELINE wholesaler or distributor refer to the Catalog or price sheets for complete ordering number If you have additional questions need further information would like to comment on our products or services please write or phone Your local Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls Sales Office check white pages of your phone directory Honeywell Customer Care Douglas Drive North Minnesota 55422 4386 http customer honeywell com or http customer honeywell ca Sales and Service Offices in all principal cities of the world Manufacturing in Belgium Canada China Czech Germany Hungary Italy Mexico Netherlands United Kingdom and United States V4944 V8944B C L N REGULATING DIAPHRAGM GAS VALVES Reference Port Vent 5 16 UNF internal Factory Settings See Table 3 See Fig 1 in 1 1 4 in valves 4 lb 1.8 kg in 2 in valves 5 lb 2.3 kg 3 Factory Settings and Regulation Ranges Gas i e B N models Gas i e C L models stagesa Setting Rangeb Setting Rangeb to 2 wc wc to 4.2 wc Fire Models Models Group 1 Models Group 2 Models Group 3 Fire Models Models Group 1 Models Group 2 Models Group 3 wc wc wc wc wc wc wc wc to 4.2 wc to 2 wc to 2 wc to 4.5 wc to 4.2 wc to 7 wc V4943 is a single stage valve please refer to Fire for spring specifications Do not adjust or operate valve outside of the specified ranges NOT adjust or operate valve outside of the ranges Valve will not regulate or work to 4.5 wc wc to 11.5 wc Models Group 1 V4944B1075 V4944B1083 V4944B1091 V8944B1092 V8944B1100 V8944B1118 Models Group 2 V4944B1109 V4944B1125 V4944B1141 V4944B1166 V4943B1050 V4943B1068 V4943B1076 Models Group 3 V4944B1117 V4944B1133 V4944B1158 V4943B1092 V4943B1100 V4943B1118 Laboratories Listed File Number MH1639 Certified Report Number C2030020 except those listed as Special Models Group 2 and Special Models Group 3 of Massachusetts Product Certification Number G1 12 05 22 Position Position Upright horizontal V4944B1059 V4944N1052 and V4944N1060 can mounted upright to 90 degrees from the on the horizontal axis with respect to the connection Transformer 40 VA for all 24 Vac models Vent Pipe Adapter V4944 V8944B C L N REGULATING DIAPHRAGM GAS VALVES VIEW VIEW 152 167 1 1 1 4 187 1 1 2 2 WITH LIMITER 1 V4943 44 and V8943 44 dimensions in in mm Valve Sizing Check the burner nameplate for type of gas used and gas flow capacity The capacity will be listed in thermal units per hour Btuh or in cubic feet hour cfh Contact the local gas utility for information regarding specific gravity sp gr and Btu per cubic foot Btucf for the type of gas used Find the capacity in cf h If the capacity is listed in Btu to cf h using the following formula in cfh Btuh burner nameplate gas utility For gases with specific gravities other than 0.64 multiply burner cf h using the proper conversion factor in 4 4 Gas Conversion Factors of Gas gr average cfh by Use the corrected burner capacity in cfh when determin the gas valve size in Figs 2 Determine the maximum pressure drop across the valve draw a vertical line at this pressure in Figs 2 At the point of intersection of the vertical line and the draw a horizontal line to intersect the flow scale The point of intersection indicates the that can be obtained with the maximum drop the capacity at the maximum pressure drop is use the capacity vs pressure drop curve for next larger valve size and repeat steps 6 and 7 INCH V4 8944B N REGULATION AREA

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