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Health Care Call System Master Station and Extender Master 6265 6266 6265 F 6266 F Jeron Nurse Master Station is in the Provider 620 Visual Check In System to receive display calls from remote sta The Nurse Master Station has capacity of 50 rooms expand to 250 rooms using Cat 6266 Masters Up to 16 Nurse Stations may be operated in fully independent or combined Full English Display of Four Priority Calls on LCD 30 Programmable Call Displays Each Room Four Levels of Call Priority Urgent Emergency Four Distinct Alert Chime Tones Whole System Display of All at Once on LED Field Transfer of Control Between Master Stations may be Independently or in Mode Tone Silence with Automatic Masters may be Programmed Display Code Only Calls Equipped with Check In Feature Desk or Flush Wall Mounting a call is placed on the sys the calling room number and designator followed by one a number of preprogrammed are displayed on the Station LED call indicator cor to room bed illumi or flashes depending on call level The call placed indi and accompanying alert are activated at Routine Emergency and Code level on call priority multiple calls are waiting to be to the LCD shows the highest priority calls The sta LED call indicators will illumi or flash for each call alert tones sound at the corresponding to highest pri call received at the Nurse Station Tones may be with the TONE SILENCE Resound is automatic a preprogrammed time or of another call multiple Nurse Master Station sys calls normally received by or more Nurse Master Stations be transferred to another The CAPTURE touchpoint allows Master Stations prepro to report to another to captured The Nurse Master whose calls are transferred another will display followed by the name of capturing Nurse Master Station the SYSTEM CAPTURE once again at taken Master Station restores control to it Engineer diagnostic LED to indicate any of the fol conditions Power Fail Low Failed Master Failed Station or Failed Lamp Bulb Call Display messages displayed at the Master LCD may be cus for each room station patient bed calls from some may be programmed to as while those other rooms may be pro to display as a similar manner bath calls from rooms may be pro to display as those from other rooms may continued on next page JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com Master Station and Extender Master Cat 6265 6266 Provider 620 System offers 30 call Each of these are to one of four categories urgent emergency code following lists four categories and call messages Level NORMAL ROUTINE STAFF DUTY STAT and two programmable messages Level STAFF DUTY DOOR ALARM PSYCH BATH OUT STAT URGENT PRIORI STAFF EMER and four user pro messages Level DOOR ALARM EMERGENCY FIRE and two programmable messages Level CODE Addition Cordout Calls placed patient stations may be dis as or Urgent Level Check In a preprogrammed time each a Check In indicator flashes all designated room stations All must Check In by a button on any calling in the room within the pre time interval Room of residents who fail to in will be displayed at the Master Station so the atten may go to the room to can the call and verify the well of the resident compact console is sturdy and Spillproof membrane panels have embossed and clear acrylic lenses protect room number strips Nurse Master Station includes a row eighty character LCD two control touchpoints six sta indicators and station control with 50 room LED indicators Extender Master consists of a control panel with 50 room indicators 6265 6266 are desk mounted surface wall mounted using Cat 6160 Wall Bracket 6265 F 6266 F are flush wall using Cat 6274 back Data Construction White high flame retardant molded H x W x D 6265 x 9.31 x 9.65 in x 23.6 x 24.5 cm sq in 579.6 sq cm desk area 6265 F x 12.125 x 13.08 in x 30.8 x 33.2 cm Panel polycarbonate in blue tone with raised tactile touch and clear acrylic lenses for and number strips life over 1,000,000 opera 6265 2 row 80 character LCD Red LED indicators LED ROUTINE LED URGENT LED EMERGENCY LED CODE LED CALL ENGINEER LED SYSTEM CAPTURE CAPTURE touchpoint SILENCE touchpoint chime tone generator 6266 50 Red LED indicators Voltage VDC 150mA Connections 6265 Modular RJ11 jack 6266 Modular RJ45 jack With ft cable with RJ11 jacks at both RJ11 cable Splitter 6269 Wall Jack Plate 6266 eight conductor double cable 1 ft 1069 Listed Standard NO 125 Jeron Additional Rooms for up to 250 optional Cat 6266 6266 F Extender 4 maximum per master Wall Mounting for 6265 66 Cat 6160 Wall Bracket Wall Mounting Backbox for Cat 6274 Backbox SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com

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