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CARBON MONOXIDE COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS SECTION 15XXX Boiler rooms Gas meter rooms local and municipal codes shall govern 1 GENERAL SUMMARY gas detection system s shall be as indicated on the project documents list drawings and as described in these specifications This scope of shall include a complete and working system including all engineering controls and installation materials commissioning start up and final project documentation and warranty 2.0 PRODUCTS 2.01 VA301C Controller control panel must be capable of communicating digitally with the transmitters and relay modules through three RS 485 Modbus buses Each communication bus must be capable of accepting combination of up to 32 addressable transmitters relay modules or panels at a maximum distance of 2,000 feet 609 m control panel will manage four internal DPDT relays at fully programmable levels and within programmable time delays The relay rating will be less than 5 A 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load control panel must include a operator initiated self test function that for the activation deactivation of all the programmed outputs by a value is reached 5 until control panel must include a real time clock that enables operation of the for a specific time frame NAME DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS control panel must also include a Honeywell energy saving feature that for output operation on alarms set at the max min or average value of specific group of transmitters This feature must also allow for the activation outputs upon a certain number of a specific group and of reaching their alarm levels 128 groups can be assigned control panel will indicate the exact concentration of gas the gas and the location of the sensor by scanning through the network and the detected levels at each point on an LCD display LCD display will indicate multiple alarm levels for each sensing point The will also provide visual feedback in the following manner Operation Level A Level B Level C LED LED LED LED LED LED LED standard three high low alarm levels will be complemented with multiple that can be field programmed panel will have an audible alarm incorporated rated at not less than 65 at three feet which will be activated at fully programmable levels The control panel will leave the factory fully programmed and will be adjustable in the field by keying in instructions via the keypad password protected Programming may be saved on an optional SD Flash memory card The control panel shall enable BACnet communication through its BACnet output using BACnet IP protocol over twisted pair Ethernet 10 BaseT cable RJ45 The unit will be certified to UL and CSA standards The controller must be within an ISO 9001 production environment The sensors and must be FCC certified NAME DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS 2.02 Transmitter CO Transmitter Methane CH4 Transmitter transmitter will be powered by the control panel power output rated at 24 24 Vdc or by an external power supply rated at 24 Vac or 24 Vdc addressable the gas transmitter must be capable of communicating with the control panel through an RS 485 communication port The transmitters must be installed in a true daisy chain network with an end of resistor on the last transmitter gas transmitter will incorporate an electrochemical cell The unit cell must compensate for variations in relative humidity and to maintain high levels of accuracy into a network configuration the transmitter will be capable of gas concentrations through the control panel For local activation fans or louvers or other equipment an optional DPDT relay 5A 30 Vdc or Vac resistive load will be activated at programmable set points and time delays through the control panel if necessary The will also have the capability of sending an analog 4 20mA signal to BMS DDC as an option 10 step LED display with an optional LCD display will provide gas readings A green LED will indicate normal operation and a LED will indicate fault operation transmitter must also be capable of incorporating an audible alarm rated at no less than 65Db at a distance of three feet which will be activated at fully programmable levels through the VA301C control panel transmitter will be capable of operating within relative humidity ranges of non condensable and temperature ranges of 4oF to 122oF 20oC 50oC unit will be manufactured to ANSI UL 61010 1 label and CSA 22.2 The must be manufactured within an ISO 9001 2000 production NAME DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS alarm levels are to activate and the unit is to be installed in with the following parameters OF POINT PPM POINT PPM PPM PPM ft 0.350 meters ft 1 1.5 meters AFF feet meters feet meters POINT LEL LEL POINT LEL LEL OF ft 0.350 meters BFC feet meters GASES Monoxide Dioxide CH4 3 EXECUTION MONOXIDE DETECTION SYSTEM monoxide and combustible gas detection system shall include Electrochemical detectors located strategically throughout structure Each detector shall cover a maximum area of 1,300 sq feet sq meters carbon monoxide and combustible gas detection and fan control system be provided to monitor the levels in the structure and control the exhaust supply fans NAME DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS system shall be installed with strict adherence to the manufacturer guide Mount carbon monoxide sensors where indicated on Drawings 3 5 feet 1 1.5 meters above finished floor Mount methane sensors where indicated on Drawings 2 feet 1 meters below finished ceiling and motors are specified in other sections low voltage conduit and wire for fan activation voltage conduit and wire are specified in Division 16 Electrical OF OPERATION Mode The exhaust fans shall be controlled by the carbon monoxide gas detection system At 25 ppm fans will operate until the monoxide levels drop below 20 ppm At 25 LEL fans will operate the methane level drops below 20 LEL An alarm will be given in the carbon monoxide concentrations exceed 200 ppm and or methane exceed 50 LEL TESTING or manufacturer representative shall review and test the after it is complete and operating and shall submit a test report to the Submit six 6 copies of operations and maintenance manuals Manuals shall be bound with index tabs and include the following 1 Equipment submittals 2 Operating and maintenance instruction sheets and parts list 3 Design Data sheets 4 Contact person for more information NAME DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS rubbish debris

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