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SECTION 15xxx AIR QUALITY GAS DETECTION SYSTEM to ASHRAE 62.1 Local Building Codes and applicable for Office Buildings Auditoriums Hospitals and Shopping Malls GENERAL Provide a complete installation of a Carbon Dioxide CO2 gas detection system with and Relative Humidity sensing capabilities and audible visual alarm devices are linked to a Controller Unit Stand alone system or a Building Automation System The system shall include but not be limited to the following expandability of CO2 concentration to modify alarm set points capability PRODUCTS DETECTION UNIT IAQPOINT A The equipment analog version shall be able to communicate a 4 20 mA signal through an interface either to a VA301C Controller or a BAS The detection unit digital shall be able to communicate with a BAS using a BACnet MS TP Modbus or protocol The detector shall use the Dual Channel Non Dispersive Infrared sensing NDIR and be able to monitor Carbon Dioxide CO2 concentration within ranges 0 2000 ppm or 0 10 000 ppm user selectable It shall have a response time less than 60 seconds for a 90 step change B The detector shall also be able to simultaneously monitor the temperature either in or Fahrenheit and the Relative Humidity in addition to Carbon Dioxide The range shall be within 4 to 122 20 to 50 and the relative humidity shall be within 0 to 95 It shall have a footprint not larger than 3.9x2.5x1.2 and weighs no more than 0.44 lb 200 g It shall have a duct mount version that no more than 0.66 lb 300 g and that allows an easy and simple insertion of the tubes and mm It shall be easily installed into an electrical box when wall C The detector power requirements are 20 to 30 Vac or 18 to 30 Vdc 0.5 A 50 60 Hz Its version shall be equipped standard with a graphic LCD 122 x 32 displays and be by three buttons in the front panel It shall allow a choice of baud rates among 4800 9600 38400 or 57600 Bd sensor alarm level is to be activated at following level Dioxide CO2 ft 6 m Building Codes recommendations have preference over these parameters can differ depending on application ft 1.5 m above floor point ppm Location CONTROLLER VA301C If a stand alone system The control panel must be capable of communicating digitally with the networked transmitter relay modules through RS 485 Modbus communication buses Each communication bus must capable of accepting a combination of up to 32 addressable transmitters relay modules or panels at a maximum distance of 2000 One power supply bringing either 17 27Vac 24 38 Vdc always respect minimum voltage requirements at device will be sufficient to power entire gas detection network including the controller and sensors The control panel will manage four internal DPDT relays at fully programmable alarm levels within programmable time delays and be capable of activating multiple relay modules of relays each The relay rating will be no lower than 5 A 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load control panel must include a test function that allows for the activation deactivation of all the outputs by simulating a continuous 5 increase decrease value until the value is reached The control panel must include a real time clock that enables operation of the outputs for a timeframe The control panel must also include an energy saving feature that allows for operation on alarms set at the max min or average value of a specific group of transmitters feature must allow for the activation of outputs upon certain number of a specific group 3 4 1 3 and 1 4 of transmitters reaching their alarm levels A total of 128 groups can be assigned The control panel will be capable of communicating with an annunciator panel that can serve a remote display panel in a secondary control room The control panel will indicate the exact of gas the gas detected and the location of the sensor by sweeping through the and displaying the detected levels at each point on a graphic LCD display The data capability must provide long term data logging to determine trends The control panel collect data automatically and must store it on a digital Flash media card ACCESSORIES A Power Transformers B Others EXECUTION the Indoor Air Quality monitoring system as indicated in the Contract Drawings as recommended by the manufacturer of equipment in the User Manual and in with Local Codes SEQUENCE OF OPERATION the IAQ monitoring system detects a CO2 level above the set point fresh air will circulated through the demand controlled ventilation Fresh air will be circulated only the areas of the building with high CO2 levels thus reducing the need for ventilation and conditioning of outside air to internal settings COMMISSIONING the instructions indicated by the manufacturer of equipment in the User WARRANTY IAQPoint has a limited warranty of 5 years OF SECTION

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