Honeywell CCM-ATT-HON CCM-VZ-HON CLSS 4G LTE Communicators Data Sheet

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CCM ATT HON CCM VZ HON 4G LTE Communicators CLSS 4G LTE Communicators transmit supervision and system test messages a protected premises to a central station Honeywell CLSS 4G LTE cellular plug and play module comes with factory mounted When mounted on the CLSS Gateway P N HON CGW MBB it enables cellular to relay high data signals from fire alarm control panels to mobile devices the Connected Life Safety Services CLSS Cloud STANDARDS AND CODES CCM ATT HON ID RI7LE910NAV2 5131A LE910NAV2 CCM VZ HON ID RI7LE910SVV2 5131A LE910SVV2 Additional certifications in process ORDERING INFORMATION CCM ATT HON LTE Cellular Module includes AT T SIM and service CCM VZ HON LTE Cellular Module includes Verizon card and service SUPPLIED EQUIPMENT Mobile Device for LTE Communicator either iOS or Android AND BENEFITS Connects directly to Honeywell Fire Alarm Panel connection options include Panels or a network of FACPs Easy connection between the Gateway and Panel Networked Panel and with Digital Voice Control CheckPoint mobile application Provides wireless connection over cellular BlueTooth mobile pairing for Gateway and module configuration and control path from the CLSS to the CLSS Cloud Antenna and External Hardware 3dBA gain external antenna SNA to N Adapter 50 ft antenna cable low loss 25 ft antenna cable low loss The CELL ANT3DB and the WA7626 are both required for installing an antenna along with the 7262 50 ft antenna cable or 7262 25HC ft antenna cable Dimensions 2.9 73 mm L x 2.8 72 mm x 0.7 17 mm H Weight 1.6 oz 45.36 g SPECIFICATIONS Input Voltage 5 VDC Power Consumption 2w Max transmit USB Signaling USB 2.0 Device Logic Signaling 3.3V SIM 2FF Type Mini Antennas Two options Primary and Diversity Internally integrated external remote antenna option is for the Primary RoHS Yes is a registered of the Bluetooth SIG Inc document is not intended to be for installation purposes We to keep our product information and accurate We cannot all specific applications or all requirements All are subject to change notice of origin China Radio Access 4G LTE Category 1 FDD 2 4 5 12 and 13 Network Operator 3G UMTS Bands 2 and 5 AT T North America FCC PTCRB AT T Radio Access 4G LTE Category 1 FDD 2 4 and 13 3G UMTS Bands 2 and 5 Verizon North America FCC Verizon Network Operator Frequency Division Duplex Universal Mobile Telecommunications System International Inc A 10 20 Honeywell International Inc

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