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HON CGW MBB Life Safety Services CLSS Gateway Honeywell solution for connecting a system to cloud central station mobile productivity and third party services powered by CLSS The CLSS Gateway serves as a bridge between a compatible system and the CLSS Cloud It provides a way to securely connect an on premises system to the Cloud and single path from site to Cloud ensuring all CLSS Cloud services and applications the same audited and monitored method to access the on premises life safety system additional information refer to the CLSS Gateway UL Listing Document LS10248 Web App Mobile App Cloud Alarm Panel AND BENEFITS Connects directly to compatible Honeywell alarm control panels FACPs or panel Provides seamless integration with the mobile application BlueTooth mobile pairing for Gateway and control capability on and iOS devices Wireless or wired connection from the Serves as a fire alarm communicator to the to the CLSS Cloud station Panel connection options include Collects system data from the connected panel networked panel and with digital voice control Can be used for portable without optional module or permanently installed and sends it to the CLSS Cloud productivity and efficiency tools features AGENCY LISTINGS AND APPROVALS listings and approvals below apply to the HON CGW MBB In cases certain modules may not be listed by certain approval or listing may be in process Contact Honeywell for the listings UL File No S35608 CSFM 7300 1637 0504 FDNY COA 2020 TMCOAP 000121 AMND NFS2 640 NFS 320 COA 2020 TMCOAP 000122 AMND NFS2 3030 COA 2021 TMCOAP 001761 CERT N16 FCC ID PV3CGWMBB INFORMATION HON CGW MBB CLSS Gateway with the enclosure CGW MB CLSS Gateway only EQUIPMENT Communication Modules CCM ATT HON Cellular Communication Module for ATT CCM VZ HON Cellular Communication Module for Verizon to datasheet HON 62041 for additional information Fixed location applications only SUPPLIED EQUIPMENT Mobile Device for the CLSS Gateway application either iOS or 2 of 3 HON 62034 G 8 19 2021 is a trademark of Google Inc is a registered trademark of AT T L P is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc is a registered trademark of International Inc is a registered trademark of Cisco Inc is a registered trademark of Chi Corporation is a registered trademarkof Trademark Services LLC This document is not intended to be for installation purposes We try to our product information up to and accurate We cannot cover all applications or anticipate all All specifications are to change without notice of origin China People of China TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Unit Unit V DC to 30 V DC to 93 Non condensing to 49 to 60 to 120 140 Voltage Range Current Typical Temperature Temperature Humidity with Enclosure 2.788 D x 8.023 W x 10.25 H 7cm D x 20.37 cm W x 26 cm H Gateway Enclosure Cellular Module Code Material Transmitter Voltage VBAT Output Power Module RF Port Power Typical Temperature cellular module Meets spectrum mask and EVM compliance devices operating on the frequencies listed in the table below should not be installed to each other Flame Retardant ABS FR 17 Polylac PA 765 30 Cable Glands required lb lb dBm V W gm gm F C Power Specifications GHz TX Power Specifications DSSS Mbps Mbps 0 7 0 8 Mbps 0 7 dB GHz TX Power Specifications International Inc G 08 21 Honeywell International Inc

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