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FWSG SWIFT Wireless Gateway SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology Wireless can be applied in many situations that are problematic for wired devices In cases where areas of a building are diffi or impossible to wire visually sensitive or have restricted SWIFT wireless sensors provide an efficient reliable solu wireless devices communicate via a proprietary wireless protocol to communicate with NOTIFER fire alarm systems means of a SWIFT wireless gateway The SWIFT gateway con to the SLC loop of an NFS2 3030 NFS2 640 NFS 320 run version 24 firmware or higher and the NFW 100X or NFW panel using FlashScan protocol New type IDs for wireless are supported that allow the FACP to display all events such alarms and trouble indications as well as unique trouble condi required for wireless devices This capability eliminates the for a supplementary annunciator for wireless event messages devices in a SWIFT network develop com links with other devices in the mesh so that a message from a remote device to the closest parent device then to successive parent devices until the message reaches Alternate paths are also identified and supervised by the protocol providing approved Class A wireless communica If a device does not have an established communication path adequate signal strength an additional device such as a wire module may be installed in between so that it will act as a SWIFT gateway system supports up to 50 devices 1 SWIFT gate and up to 49 wireless detectors modules pullstations and A V The maximum number of gateways on a system is limited by number of available SLC addresses on the FACP or a maximum 4 gateways within common wireless range SWIFT system has been designed so that it can be installed only typical hand tools and magnets However the SWIFT PC utility provides many benefits that can enhance the pro of performing a site evaluation Site Survey installing a sys Mesh Configuration or extracting detailed information from the Diagnostics The utility runs on a Windows laptop and a USB radio antenna W USB inserted into a USB slot to com with wireless devices within range of the PC Once have formed a mesh SWIFT Tools can provide current on all devices in the mesh as long as the PC is within of the SWIFT Gateway result is a fire system that combines both wired and wireless and presents all event information at the panel and or net displays when used SWIFT wireless mesh protocol specifically for fire and life safety Operates in 902 928 MHz frequency Patented cascading wave mesh operation provides a verifica of redundant communication paths that has been approved Class A In the event that a communication path is interrupted at any by a change in the radio environment the SWIFT mesh will use the redundant or backup communication path In the event that any links cannot be established with sufficient strength any SWIFT device can be added to act as a eliminating the need for wired repeaters A wireless module is recommended for this function as modules not subject to spacing requirements Each SWIFT gateway system support up to 50 devices 1 wire gateway and up to 49 SWIFT devices Multiple SWIFT wireless mesh networks can be installed on the fire alarm control panel or on multiple panels in the same Up to 4 wireless networks can be installed with overlapping radio coverage Site Survey feature allows for an evaluation of a site before the including a series of point to point communication and a background scan for radio interference SWIFT wireless devices use a standard wheel mechanism setting the SLC address SWIFT wireless devices use 4 CR 123A lithium batteries Pana CR123A or Duracell DL123A which are UL listed for a bat life of 2 years Control Panels NFS 320 NFS2 3030 NFS2 640 NFS 320SYS NFW 100X NFW 50X Tools Tools is a Windows PC based utility that is used for site eval system configuration and diagnostics The SWIFT Tools pro is used with the W USB adapter to communicate with wireless that are not joined in a network or with one or more wireless and all devices that have formed a network with each A graphic representation of the wireless network provides system data in an effective format including communica links signal strength battery voltage and more operation is supported allowing you to perform site evalu and system configuration and installation can be accomplished using SWIFT Tools when necessary Multi colored LEDs on devices provide feedback for interactions At any point only instance of SWIFT Tools can run on a laptop or PC Tools has the following utilities Site Survey Create Mesh Network Diagnostics Tools works in a wireless environment with the FWSG and within a range of approximately 20 feet 10 3 2018 Page 1 of 2 Tools is designed for systems running Microsoft Win SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS System Windows 7 and Windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit Drive 20 GB hard drive space with minimum 1GB free space hard disk Minimum 512MB RAM speed 1GHz minimum 2.4 GHz recommended Pro 512K Cache and Ordering Information FWSG FlashScan Wireless SWIFT Gateway 1 SWIFT Gate is required for each wireless mesh and supports up to 49 detectors or modules Connects to the SLC loop of a panel using FlashScan protocol Power may be sup by the SLC circuit or via an optional 24VDC input Use of the 24VDC input may be more convenient for service as it for powering down a gateway without shutting down an SLC loop FWD 200P FlashScan wireless photo detector one B210W base for installation Requires 4 CR 123A included FWD 200ACCLIMATE FlashScan wireless Accli heat and photo detector using combined heat and smoke information and the ability to automatically adjust sensitiv based on ambient changes in the environment Requires one base for installation Requires 4 CR 123A batteries FWH 200ROR135 FlashScan intelligent wireless rate of rise heat detector Requires one B210W base for installation 4 CR 123A batteries included FWH 200FIX135 FlashScan intelligent wireless fixed tempera 135 heat detector Requires one B210W base for installa Requires 4 CR 123A batteries included FW MM FlashScan wireless monitor module Used to monitor with mechanical contact actuation Includes a special with a built in tamper magnet Recommended for installa in a SMB500 WH box ordered separately rather than a backbox for best performance Ships with 4 Panasonic or 4 Duracell DL123A batteries See data sheet for information FW RM Wireless relay module for use with the FWSG wireless Includes a special cover with a built in tamper magnet for installation in an SMB500 WH box ordered rather than a metal backbox for best performance with 4 Panasonic CR123A or 4 Duracell DL123A batteries NBG 12WL Wireless addressable pullstation Requires 4 batteries included NBG 12WLSP Wireless addressable pullstation Spanish text 4 CR 123A batteries included WAV CRL WAV CWL SWIFT Wireless Addressable A V bases 8 CR 123A batteries included Requires a non com ceiling System Sensor L series notification device ordered W SYNC Wireless sync module Requires 4 CR 123A batteries SMB500 WH Optional surface mount backbox B210W Detector base used for wireless detectors Includes a magnet so that wireless devices can establish installed tampered states SWIFT Tools Programming and diagnostic utility Free download www notifier com For installation on a typically laptop running an approved version of Windows See Minimum Requirements for SWIFT Tools Requires the W radio antenna dongle for communication with SWIFT devices SWIFT Tools is intended for use with NOTIFIER branded prod and can also be used

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