Honeywell HWF2-COM Series LTE IP Single or Dual Path Commercial Fire Communicators

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HWF2 COM SERIES IP Single or Dual Path Commercial Fire Communicators HWF2 COM Series LTE IP fire are single or dual path fire alarm communicators that Contact ID reporting with any FACP fire control panel with a built in dialer include AT T LTE IP Verizon LTE IP models connect directly to the primary or secondary communication ports of a fire digital alarm communicator transmitter DACT selectable reporting paths include LTE cellular only IP only or IP primary with LTE backup All signals from the HWF2 COM Series are delivered to the AlarmNet control center which routes highly encrypted cybersecured Ethernet data packets a customer provided Internet connection or LTE cellular network to the appropriate station The AlarmNet network control center is fully redundant and monitored Installation and programming are easy using the handheld 7720P Programming AND BENEFITS LTE and IP connection tested every day Three selectable reporting paths LTE only IP only or IP Primary with LTE backup Requires no change to the existing FACP Connects directly to the primary and telephone ports of a DACT Plan choices range from 5 minute 60 6 hour and 24 hour supervision LAN or WAN DSL model or modem Data transmits over standard Contact ID but is secured with the industry encryption standard AES 256 Supports both dynamic DHCP or public private Static IP addressing Reliable connection IP and cellular tested every day Built in standalone power supply module Operates over the following communication LTE HSPA 4G HSPA 3G Works over any type of customer provided charging circuit design battery backup Includes power and battery supervision 10 100 based network Diagnostic LEDs indicate signal strength status Choice of LTE provider services QOS Quality of Service diagnostics via conveys vital communicator including signal strength path used and when the message received 7720P Handheld programmer for easy HWF2 COM LTE IP fire communicators operate over the most and common cellular networks including LTE 4G and3G Primary Subscriber ID four digits obtained from your monitoring Communication Module MAC ID and MAC CRC number located on outside of the box and inside of the module parameters are assigned by the monitoring station communications technology provides a highly reliable for the transmission of alarm signals The network extensive coverage in the United States and Canada The Network Control Center processes signals from powerful in multiple locations equipped with 24 7 infrastructure Redundant hardware servers real time backup databases generators with battery backup at all locations ensure of service Signals from AlarmNet are transmitted to station receivers using multiple communication paths of the Internet LTE radio network or toll free plain old service POTS Visit AlarmNet com to learn more REQUIREMENTS UL COMPLIANCE meet UL864 NFPA requirements ensure the following HWF2 COM Series must be installed in accordance with the National Protection Association NFPA standards 70 and 72 HWF2 COM Series must be mounted in the same room and within feet of the fire panel HWF2 COM Series and all equipment used for the IP connection router hub modem etc must be UL listed powered from an branch circuit and be provided with appropriate standby HWF2 COM Series must use the 7AH battery not included to 24 hour backup capability connect to any customer provided Ethernet 10 100 base connection LAN or WAN DSL or cable modem Selectable path feature allows the radios to be configured for a single dual path while providing appropriate supervision intervals on NFPA 72 requirements Selectable paths and supervision intervals include Cell IP Cell IP path cellular path IP Minutes Minutes IP Cell path IP and cellular 24 Hours path cellular Minutes path IP Minutes IP Cell path IP and cellular 6 Hours an event occurs the FACP goes off hook to dial the central The HWF2 COM Series dialer capture module detects the condition and provides the fire panel with a dial tone When fire panel detects the dial tone it begins dialing the central the dialing is completed the dialer capture module returns a to the fire panel The fire panel then sends the Contact ID to the dialer capture module which in turn sends a signal the report is successfully received from the fire panel The capture nodule sends the Contact ID reports to the HWF2 Series communications module When all the reports are sent fire panel goes on hook The HWF2 COM Series module then transmits the messages to the station either over the LTE network or the Internet on configuration COMMUNICATOR PANEL CAPABILITY HWF2 COM Series is compatible with fire alarm control panels use the Contact ID communications format as described in the DC 05 standard TO PROGRAM HWF2 COM communicator can be pre programmed using the programmer to enter all central station information This is to the HWF2 COM communicator panel memory When the is installed at the site and connected to the Internet it registers with the AlarmNet Receiver most installations the only required parameters are Primary City ID two digits obtained from your monitoring station Primary Central Station ID two digits obtained from your station 2 of 3 DH 62010 C 6 10 2020 SERIES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Primary 120VAC 60Hz 0.5A Secondary 18VDC 50VA One 12 V 7.0 AH lead acid battery not models include Red cabinet with key and lock Wall outlet box Dialer capture module LTE communications module Antenna and mounting adapter PowerBoost1 power supply LED display board Transformer Manual and required screws Cables etc Battery charging current 1 Amp maximum Battery discharge current Standby 210mA 290mA SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 14.875 H x 12.75 W x 3.0 D H x 32.4cm W x 7.6cm D Color Red DIMENSIONS Weight 5.3 lbs 6.94kg Dimensions 15.625 H x 13.79 W x 9.25 D H x 34.9cm W x 23.9cm D AND HUMIDITY system meets NFPA requirements for at 0 49 and at a humidity 93 2 RH non at 32 2 3 the useful life of the system batteries and the electronic may be adversely affected by temperature ranges and humidity it is recommended that this and its peripherals be installed in an with a normal room of 15 27 LINE INFORMATION LTE Digital Cellular Fire Communicator and Internet Panel LTE IP LTE Digital Cellular Fire Communicator and Internet Panel LTE IP AND EXTERNAL 3dBA gain antenna SMA to N adapter cable 50 ft antenna cable low loss The WA7626 CA adapter cable and antenna cable are only when installing the CELL ANT3DB remotely ACCESSORIES HWF2V COM HWF2A COM and handheld programmer Plug in transformer box for HWF2A COM and IPGSM communicators Battery 12 Volts 7AH sealed LISTINGS AND listings and approvals below apply to HWF2 COM Series communicators In cases certain modules may not be by certain approval agencies or listing be in process Consult the factory for listings Listed S789 7300 1645 0511 Approved Power Products Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 C 06 20 Honeywell International Inc is a registered trademark Honeywell International Inc

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