Notifier 411 Series Slave Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters

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411 Series Digital Alarm Transmitters 411 Series DACTs are compact multifaceted slave Digital Communicator Transmitters designed for a variety of security and non fire applications The series features the and 411UD which provide three and four monitoring chan inputs respectively These slave DACTs are a solution applications that require an existing or new fire alarm con panel FACP to transmit system status to an off site moni facility for Central or Remote Station compliance Due to flexible programming options the 411 Series slave are also ideal for monitoring non fire and security con panels With fifteen selectable transmission formats ADEMCO Contact ID compatibility with virtually all Alarm Communicator Receivers DACR is ensured can be accomplished on site with a hand held PRO 411 or remotely 411UD only using the programming utility This Windows remote software package permits system interroga and revision from a remote site Three 411 or four 411UD monitoring channels inputs may be individually programmed to monitor the host panel for Fire Alarm Fire Trouble Fire Supervisory Process Monitoring AC Power Loss Security Alarm Other Fire and Non Fire Events Trigger inputs require a contact closure for activation 12 or 24 VDC operation jumper selectable UL recognized prevention Dual line rotary or touch tone dial DACT interfaces to pub switched telephone network leased phone lines are not 15 reporting Contact ID format popular Capable of transmitting the following DACT information in to vital system status of the host control panel DACT troubles Telephone line 1 and 2 voltage fault Primary or Secondary Central Station communication System off normal 24 hour normal test 24 hour abnormal test Long distance Carrier Access Code CAC compliant up to 20 digit Central Station telephone numbers Fully programmable transmittal codes for fire security pro monitoring and others Field programmable with PRO 411 hand held programmer K 95 Programmable from remote site with optional PK 411UD software model 411UD only View 411 Series status off site in real time with optional programming software without ever compromis monitoring protection at the protected premises model only piezo sounder with local silence switch One Form C relay fully programmable Complies with NFPA 72 Central Station and Remote Sta DACT only not polarity reversal Fire Alarm Systems Extremely compact enclosure measuring only 6.841 cm W x 4.595 11.671 cm H x 1.0 2.54 cm D Panel Compatibility panels must include AC Fail Delay option to meet NFPA Station Requirements Panels with this feature include RP 2002 SFP 2402 SFP 2404 NFS 320 NFS NFS2 640 NFS 3030 and NFS2 3030 411 Series DACTs are fully enclosed in a compact hous measuring only 6.841 17.376 cm W x 4.595 11.671 H x 1.0 2.54 cm D The housing enclosure consists of aluminum backbox painted red with a matching cover by two captive screws The overlay includes large to independently mark programming options for the or four channels inputs relay and also includes printed and diagnostic LED designations Line Connections modular phone connections on the 411 Series are acces with the cover in place and provide connections for two telephone lines using standard RJ31X or RJ38X Both telephone lines are constantly supervised for operation and integrity If one phone line goes into fault the other is working a report is sent to the central or station LEDs Communication Fail visible with front cover in place 3 19 2015 Page 1 of 4 DACT Trouble visible with front cover in place 411UD Channel Active visible with front cover in place 411UD Primary Phone Line PH1 Active 411UD Secondary Phone Line PH2 Active 411UD and Approvals NFPA 72 Central Station Fire Alarm Systems NFPA 72 Remote Station Fire Alarm Systems UL Standard 1635 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmit UL Standard 864 Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems Registration 1W6AL04B411UDAC Ringer Equiva 0.4 B A digital programming unit with a keypad PRO 411 is available for programming the 411 Series Power The circuit board operates on filtered 12 The configuration of Jumper J4 determines whether 12 power is to be supplied directly to the circuit board or 24 power is to be supplied and then internally regulated to 12 VDC Power TB1 Terminals 4 and 5 Terminal 6 is Earth J4 Jumper shorted on pins 2 and 3 Filtered non resetta and power limited 24 VDC nominal power must be at TB1 Terminals 4 and 5 UL listed operating is 17 to 28 VDC Current requirements are 64 mA in and 120 mA while communicating J4 Jumper shorted on pins 1 and 2 Filtered non resetta and power limited 12 VDC nominal power must be at TB1 Terminals 4 and 5 UL listed operating is 9.8 to 14 VDC Current requirements are 88 mA in and 140 mA while communicating A maximum of 200 mA is possible with all input channels the 411 411UD communicating the Programmer con and Lamp Test active Programmable Channels 1 through 3 411 or 4 411UD Power limited circuitry Operation All channels NFPA Style B Class B Requires Open contact to trigger Normal operating voltage 12 VDC Alarm current 2.68 mA End of line resistor 2.2K ohms 1 2 watt P N 27070 Short circuit current 3.9 mA per channel input Restricted to 20 feet 6 m in conduit and in the same room Channels inputs do NOT support two wire smoke detec Relay Contact rating 2.0 amps 30 VDC resistive Listings and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the modules specified in document In some cases certain modules or applications not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may in process Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed S2424 MEA Listed 328 94 E Vol III 411UD 328 94 E Vol IV CSFM 7300 0075 0174 FDNY COA 6085 Line Information Three channel dual line slave Digital Alarm Communi Transmitter with Form C programmable relay and switch Includes housing operating and programming Requires PRO 411 hand held DACT programmer local programming Same as above with four input channels and remote capability Requires PRO 411 hand held programmer for local programming or PK 411UD Win programming software for remote programming real time diagnostics Hand held programmer for local programming of Series DACTs 411UD programming software available for down at www esd notifier com or ships on PK CD Remote upload download Windows software kit for use with 411UD only DACT phone cord seven feet long two required For information about 411UDAC see DN 60797 2 of 4 DN 6619 A3 3 19 2015 UL Listed Receivers 20 and 50 Ademco Express Ademco Express

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