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UDACT 2 Digital Alarm Transmitter Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter UDACT is designed for use on Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panels and the NCA 2 Network Control Annunciator When used in con with the NCA 2 network control annunciator the can report the status of all control panels on The UDACT 2 transmits system status to UL Central Station Receivers via the public switched tele network The UDACT 2 can be installed in the panel cab or remotely in a separate enclosure The UDACT 2 can also be used with legacy panels refer to the UDACT 2 manual for more information UDACT 2 upload download programming and firmware are accomplished with VeriFire Tools Refer to the Pro Section for further details UDACT 2 is capable of transmitting the status of software Alarm and Trouble System Trouble Panel Off Normal Bell Trouble Low Battery and AC Fail The is capable of transmitting all of the zone and point sta associated with each panel the UDACT 2 is used with the NFS 3030 NFS2 3030 NCA 2 it is capable of reporting up to 2,040 points Report may be in the form of points or zones refer to the UDACT 2 for specific reporting parameters Points transmitted be programmed for a variety of types including fire water supervisory etc Descriptions regarding point capacity listed above are for which receive in Ademco Contact ID format See chart page 2 for compatible receivers Programmable with VeriFire Tools version 6.60 or higher the UDACT 2 programming to be uploaded down and saved Maximum of 14 point trouble messages transmitted per hour Dual phone lines with line voltage detect Compact in size 6.75 x 4.25 17.145 x 10.795 cm USB port for upload download programming Manual Test Report function Manual Transmission Clear function Mounts in a separate enclosure ABS 8RB or UBS 1B R Communicates vital system status including Independent zone fire alarm Independent zone non fire alarm Independent zone trouble Independent zone supervisory AC mains Power Loss programmable Low Battery and Earth Fault System Off Normal 12 or 24 hour test signal Abnormal Test Signal per new UL requirements EIA 485 Communication Bus Failure Annunciation of UDACT 2 Troubles including loss of phone communication failure with either Central Station total failure LEDs for Power EIA 485 Loss Manual Test Kis Comm Fail Primary Line Seize Secondary Line Seize Modem Communications Control System Open Collector relay driver for Total Communications Failure UDACT 2 trouble Real time clock Extensive transient protection EIA 485 interface to host panel UDACT 2 programming is created and downloaded using Tools This enables the unit to be programmed prior to be easily modified and saved either online or A printed report with point or zone information can be from VeriFire Tools for an ONYX Series panel or net annunciator The point report consists of the central station address ACS point ACS point function panel label panel type code custom and extended label alarm verification participation presignal and PAS information The zone consists of a grid with the central station point address point address source ACS point function custom label panel label This report may be sent to the Central Station their records VeriFire Tools also supports upgrading the operating firmware 4 2 12 Page 1 of 2 Listed Receivers chart below shows UL listed receivers compatible with the A check in the protocol column indicates the receiver that protocol 685 1 MX8000 2 Knight 9500 3 Knight 9800 4 CP220FB 5 Hoffman 2000E 6 6600 7 MLR2 8 System III 9 MLR 2000 10 With 685 8 Line Card with Rev 4.4d software With 124060V206B and 124063 Line Card Rev B With version V2.4 Receiver 126047 Line Card Rev G With 124077V2.00 Receiver 126047 Line Card Rev M With software V3.9 With V 7301 Receiver S W With 01.01.03 Receiver S W Line Card 01.01.03 With software V1.86 With sotware V1.72 With DSP4016 and V1.6 Line Card Formats Ademco Contact ID 4 2 Standard SIA Ademco Contact ID must be used for independent zone Mode Feature Contact ID format only Use Type Mode to identify to Central Station as Fire Alarm Supervisory Pull Station Heat Detector Waterflow Duct Detector Flame Sensor Smoke Zone Burglary 24 hour Non Burglary High Temperature Low Temperature Low Water Pressure Low Water Level Pump Failure Specifications current 40 mA while communicating 75 mA current while communicating and with open collector activated 100 mA Regulated 24 volts Range 21.2 to 28.2 volts Listings and Approvals some cases certain modules may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult factory latest listing status UL ULC Listed S635 FM Approved CSFM 7165 0028 0243 NFS2 640 320 7165 0028 0224 FDNY COA 6085 COA 6098 Information Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter operating and programming instructions and mounting DACT phone cord 7 ft 2.13 m long two required Metal enclosure for externally mounting UDACT 2 up 6,000 ft 1828.8 m from host FACP 9.94 H x 4.63 W x 2.50 cm 25.248 H x 11.760 W x 6.350 D Metal enclosure with solid door Black Metal enclosure with solid door Red SPDT Form C relay Contacts rated for 10 A 115 VAC to open collector relay driver DPDT Two Form C relays Contacts rated for 10A 115 Connects to open collector relay driver Ferrite bead kit Use for remote mounting only is a trademark and Notifier is a registered trademark of International Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 60686 A1 4 2 12

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