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411UDAC Rev 2 Alarm Communicator Fire Watch 411UDAC Rev 2 is a compact multifaceted or slave Fire Alarm Communicator designed for a of fire and non fire applications It provides four chan inputs that accept waterflow devices two wire and four smoke detectors pull stations and other normally open devices The 411UDAC is a cost effective sidecar for applications that require transmission of system to an off site monitoring facility for Central or Remote compliance Due to its extremely flexible programming the 411UDAC is also ideal for use as a stand alone to monitor sprinkler systems for waterflow and supervi conditions processes i e water level gas detection of air flow and normally open contact devices With fif selectable transmission formats including Ademco Con compatibility with virtually all Digital Alarm Receivers DACR is ensured Programming be accomplished on site with a hand held programmer or remotely utilizing the optional PK 411UD Win remote upload download software package PK 411UD upload download software also permits system and revision from a remote site The PK 411UD part of the PK CD utility Typical applications include standalone sprinkler monitoring slave communicator for FACPs not equipped with a dialer Four supervised monitoring channels inputs Three fixed Style B Class B and one Style A Class A or B Class B may be individually programmed for stand alone or when monitoring a host control panel for Two wire or four wire smoke detectors Inputs 1 and 3 Pull station Normally Open contacts Host panel trouble slave mode Supervisory Supervisory autoresettable Waterflow silenceable Waterflow non silenceable One Style Y Class B Notification Appliance bell Circuit NAC 1.0 Amp notification appliance power Coded temporal notification appliance bell signal circuit 12 VDC operation Capable of 60 hours of standby Seven individual LEDs six visible through door AC Power System Trouble System Alarm Supervisory Communication Fail Battery Trouble Earth Fault not visible with door closed Dual telephone lines Dual telephone line voltage detect Alternating phone lines for 24 hour test messages pro UL recognized runaway prevention Long distance Carrier Access Code CAC compliant 20 digit central station and service terminal tele numbers user selectable restoral methods Fully programmable transmittal codes for fire and non fire process monitoring applications Capable of transmitting the following DACT information in to vital system status of the host control panel DACT troubles Telephone line 1 and 2 voltage fault Primary or Secondary Central Station communication System off normal 24 hour normal test 24 hour abnormal test 15 popular communication formats including the used Ademco Contact ID format ensuring compati with virtually all DACRs Local piezo sounder with separate and distinct sounds for conditions 12 8 2015 Page 1 of 4 Acknowledge System Silence and Reset switches Alarm verification Signal silence inhibit Autosilence Trouble reminder with 24 hour resound Real time clock Two Form C relays fully programmable to activate for the conditions Fire alarm Host control panel trouble Total communication trouble Fire supervisory latching Fire supervisory autoresettable DACT trouble factory default for relay Optional PK 411UD Remote Upload Download Kit cabinet is red and measures 14.5 36.83 cm high x 32.7 cm wide and 4.5 11.43 cm deep It provides for up to two 7 AH batteries order batteries separately Line Connections modular phone connections are provided on accessible by simply opening the door They pro connections for two separate telephone lines using stan RJ31X are constantly for proper voltage and current If one phone line into fault and the remaining is operational a report is to the central or remote station via the operable phone Both Formats 4 1 Ademco Express Standard DTMF 1400 2300 ACK 4 2 Ademco Express Standard DTMF 1400 2300 ACK 3 1 Standard 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 3 1 Expanded 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 3 1 Standard 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK 3 1 Expanded 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK 4 1 Standard 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 4 1 Expanded 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 4 1 Standard 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK 4 1 Expanded 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK 4 2 Standard 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 4 2 Expanded 1800 Hz Carrier 2300 Hz ACK 4 2 Standard 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK 4 2 Expanded 1900 Hz Carrier 1400 Hz ACK Contact ID DTMF 1400 2300 ACK Future Use digital communicator transmitter has been designed to with standards set forth by the following regulatory Underwriters Laboratories Inc NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code Registration 1W6AL04B411UDAC Equivalence 0.4 B An optional digital programming unit with a model PRO 411 is available for programming the It is also used for troubleshooting and accessing 2 of 4 DN 60797 C 12 8 2015 various modes of operation Off site programming can be with the optional PK 411UD The PK 411UD a user to program the 411UDAC off site via the public telephone network using any personal computer with XP or higher and a 1200 baud Hayes compatible Specifications Power TB3 120 VAC 60 Hz 0.7 amps size Minimum 14 AWG 2.00 mm with 600 V insulation Lead Acid Only J3 charging circuit Normal float charge 13.6 V 3.15 amps charger capacity 14 AH battery TB2 Terminals 1 through 10 Programmable Channels 1 through 4 Power limited circuitry Fully supervised monitored for opens shorts and earth Normal operating voltage 12.0 VDC ripple 400 mV maxi End of line resistor 2.2K ohms 1 2 watt part 27070 UL for each channel Channel Input 1 Style B Class B two wire or four wire detector input and Channel Input 3 Style B Class two wire or four wire smoke detector input or Style D A waterflow input Channel Input 2 and Channel Input 4 Style B Class B con closure input devices Refer to the Device Compatibility Document for listed com Appliance Circuit TB4 Terminals 1 and 2 Style Y Class B circuit Power limited and supervised monitored for opens shorts earth fault Operating voltage nominal 13.8 VDC Current for all external devices 1.0 amp End of line resistor 2.2K ohms 1 2 watt P N 27070 Refer to the Device Compatibility Document for listed com devices Relays TB1 Terminals 1 through 6 Operating volt nominal 12 VDC Contact rating 2.0 amps 30 VDC or 0.5 amps 30 VAC VDC Resettable Power TB4 Terminals 3 and 4 Operating voltage nominal 12 volts Up to 200 mA available to power four wire smoke detectors Power limited and supervised circuitry Recommended maximum standby current 50 mA 1 For power supply and battery calculations refer to the manual POWER Primary Power Source AC AC connections are made inside the 411UDAC cabinet primary power source is 120 VAC 60 Hz 0.7 amps Power Source Batteries One 12 volt battery provide power for up to 7 A H applications Two 12 volt 7 batteries in parallel can provide power for up to 14 A H 60 hour standby The battery charger is current and capable of recharging sealed lead acid type batter The charger shuts off when the system is in alarm Refer the battery calculations table in the 411UDAC

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