Notifier N16e x Fire Alarm Control Panel

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N16e x Fire Alarm Control Panel SCALABLE CONNECTED NOTIFIER INSPIRE Series Fire Alarm Control Panels bring the latest technology to life safety Fire emergency and evacuation are extremely critical to life safety With the and N16x panels NOTIFIER INSPIRE Series offers a scalable to meet any size application INSPIRE Series FACPs feature an intuitive 10 color display This display is color coded with system and information Users are presented with vital information that is to read and navigate in a standard preconfigured enclosure the N16e comes with Signaling Line Module SLM to support 318 intelligent address devices and a power supply PMB to support four NACs and auxiliary outputs Panels can be configured with just a few for small building applications or expanded via two open slots Add up to two additional Signaling Line Modules expanding capacity to 954 intelligent addressable on a total of three Signaling Line Circuit SLC loops or net with many devices to protect a large campus or a high rise block Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the N16x features a modular design Order CPU N16LND CPU or CPU 16 RTO to meet project requirements Panels can configured for stand alone or network systems The N16x can up to 10 SLM 318 modules for a capacity of up to 3,180 addressable devices Five enclosure sizes are available to additional peripheral equipment A host of other options are including single or multichannel integrated voice and fire telephone NOTIFIER INSPIRE Series integrates with the Connected Life Services CLSS platform through the CLSS Gateway pro connectivity to central station cloud and mobile applications HON 62034 This cloud based functionality provides reliable and remote programming testing and monitoring of the along with reduced manual data entry and reporting Use to access licensable panel features VeriFire Tools worksta licenses and more 10 high definition touchscreen display with customizable buttons 6.0 A power supply with customizable outputs see DN 62116 Two auxiliary outputs configurable for resettable or non resetta operation Class B and Class A B Four Class A B power outputs that can be configured as Class Notification Appliance Circuits NACs power circuit door circuit or Universal Zone Coding circuit UZC license option NACs support selectable System Sensor Wheelock and strobe synchronization NACs support up to 3 patterns of output to allow dynamic sig based on system events Temp 3 Fire Temp 4 CO evacuation selective silence Easy expansion of isolated intelligent Signaling Line Circuit SLC One expandable to three on N16e three cards in the cabinet One expandable to ten on N16x Easy expansion of N16x power capacity one expandable to PMB AUX power supplies Wireless fire protection using SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated Technology see DN 60820 Up to 159 detectors and 159 modules per SLC 318 devices per per FACP or network node Detectors can be any mix of photo thermal or multi sensor detectors are available for use with the SWIFT Wire Gateway FWSG Modules include addressable pull stations normally open con devices two wire smoke detectors notification or relay modules are available for use with the FWSG Self Test detector technology see DN 62046 Network options High speed network for up to 200 nodes NFS2 3030 NFS2 NFS 320 C NFS 320SYS NCD DVC EM ONYX Standard network for up to 103 nodes NFS2 3030 NFS2 640 NFS 320SYS NCD DVC EM ONYXWorks Up 54 nodes when DVC EM is used in network paging Network Display Mode licensable feature allows the panel to act a network display node making the NCD optional Emergency voice options available integrated digital voice or audio day and day of week Weekly Occupancy Schedules allow changing sensitivity by time History Buffer 10,000 events 3000 displayed Advanced history filters for custom sorting all events alarms troubles only supervisory only other security events time interval and point range Alarm Verification selection per point with automatic counter Color coded icon based event notification Event filtering to quickly view event groups Optional cloud connectivity for remote off site monitoring through see HON 62034 10 28 2021 Page 1 of 6 Monitor multiple buildings through one off campus central station report through the CLSS Gateway Silence Inhibit and Auto Silence timer options Field programmable with VeriFire Tools Optional remote programing through CLSS Non alarm points for lower priority functions Up to 2000 powerful Boolean logic equations Supplemental EIA 232 printer port PANEL FEATURES THROUGH CLSS Expanded general zones 250 zones included expandable up to and external connectors for AIO Bus devices zones in increments of 250 Expanded logic zones 250 zones included expandable up to zones in increments of 250 Universal Zone Coding UZC Network display mode enables N16 to emulate the NCD full net display capabilities Expanded custom action buttons 8 buttons included expandable to 32 buttons in increments of 8 CLIP mode WIRELESS Self healing mesh wireless protocol Each SWIFT Gateway supports up to 49 devices Up to 4 wireless gateways can be installed with overlapping net coverage AND TELEPHONE FEATURES Up to eight channels of digital audio 35 watt 50 watt 75 watt and 100 125 watt digital amplifiers series and DS series Solid state message generation Hard wired voice control module options Firefighter telephone option 30 to 120 watt analog amplifiers AA Series Backup tone generator and amplifier option INTELLIGENT FEATURES Polls up to 318 devices on each loop in less than two seconds Activates up to 159 outputs in less than five seconds Fully digital high precision protocol U S Patent 5,539,389 Manual sensitivity adjustment up to nine levels Pre alarm intelligent sensing up to nine levels Sensitivity levels Photo 0.5 to 2.35 foot obscuration High Sensitivity Photoelectric VIEW Open Air Protection 2.0 ft obscuration Special Applications 0.02 obscuration Multi Criteria Detector Open Air Protection 2.52 3.89 ft Special Applications 1.13 2.52 ft obscuration Acclimate Plus 0.5 to 4.0 foot obscuration Drift compensation U S Patent 5,764,142 Multi detector algorithm involves nearby detectors in alarm deci U S Patent 5,627,515 Automatic detector sensitivity testing NFPA 72 compliant Maintenance alert two levels Self optimizing pre alarm Programmable activation of sounder relay bases during alarm or Page 2 of 6 DN 62112 D 10 28 2021 SERIES VIEW VERY INTELLIGENT EARLY WARNING SMOKE DETECTOR Advanced intelligent sensing algorithms differentiate between and non smoke signals Addressable operation pinpoints the fire location Retrofit models R available backwards compatible for use with models IV support CLIP mode as well as FlashScan panels ADVANCED MULTI CRITERIA FIRE CO DETECTOR Detects all four major elements of a fire smoke heat CO and 135 57.2 fixed temperature heat detector Transmits an alarm signal due to heat Separate signal for life safety CO detection Optional addressable sounder base for Temp 3 fire or Temp 4 tone Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell High nuisance alarm immunity INTELLIGENT MULTI CRITERIA DETECTOR Combined Photoelectric Thermal and Infrared Sensor UL 268 7th Edition and UL 521 Listed Microprocessor based technology combination photo thermal infrared technology

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