Notifier ACM-8R Relay Module

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ACM 8R Module ACM 8R is a module in the Notifier ACS class of annunci It provides a mappable relay output module for NFS 2 640 and NFS 320 Fire Alarm Control and for NCA 2 Network Control Annunciators Provides eight Form C relays with 5 A contacts The relays can be employed to track a variety of devices panel points in a grouped fashion Removable terminal blocks for ease of installation and ser DIP switch selectable memory mapping of relays The ACM 8R can also be used with legacy panels Please to the ACM 8R manual PN 15342 ACM 8R module will mount to CHS 4 chassis a CHS 4L chassis assumes one of four positions on the or CHS 4MB or for remote applications to an ABS Annunciator Surface mount backbox with blank faceplate ACM 8R is a member of the Notifier ACS class of annun Up to 32 annunciators not including expander mod may be installed on an EIA 485 circuit Runs between the control panel and the ACM 8R is over a two wire EIA 485 serial interface This to include the wiring is supervised by the fire control panel Power for the annunciators is provided via separate power loop from the control panel which is inher supervised loss of power also results in a communica failure at the control panel Mapping ACM 8R relays can follow the status of initiating and circuits control relays and several system control D 102 Control Systems Relay Module TRACKING ACM 8R can track a variety of input output panel func and addressable devices in a grouped fashion CPU status Soft zones Special hazard zones Addressable circuits Power supply NACs Selectable points NFS2 640 and NFS 320 only when annunciator points Listings and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the modules specified in document In some cases certain modules or applications not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may in process Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed S635 ULC Listed CS635 Vol I MEA Listed 104 93 E Vol 6 17 96 E 291 91 E Vol 3 FM Approved CSFM 7120 0028 0156 FDNY COA 6121 6114 05 16 2013 Page 1 of 2 Terminal Assignments ACM 8R provides eight relays with Form contacts for 5 A The terminal assignments are illustrated below 5 or Relay 1 6 or Relay 2 7 or Relay 3 8 or Relay 4 4 3 2 1 H x 4.63 W x 2.50 D H x 117.6mm W x 63.5mm D Circuits can be annunciated as or alarm and trouble Alarm and trou consumes two annunciator points is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 3558 B 05 16 2013

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