Notifier AFAWS-Break-Glass-Kit

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Automatic Fire Alarm Warden Station Series KIT INSTALLATION DRAWING 50706 Revision A 97 139 09 26 97 break glass kit comes with a tempered glass plate a hammer to a chain and a screw to attach the hammer to the door INSTALL BREAK GLASS KIT Remove metal plate from phone storage box taking off the trim ring Locate and drill hole for the hammer Attach with screw Flush Mounting Surface Mounting Hole Locations Place tempered glass plate on box in the left by the metal plate Reinstall trim ring with wing nuts over the plate REPLACE BROKEN GLASS Remove any remaining broken glass with care Insert tempered glass plate at an angle into upper corner of door assembly cid 147 A cid 148 arrow at right direction of movement Slide plate upward into the glass slot cid 147 B cid 148 arrow at indicates direction of movement of the trim ring is not required for this 97 139 Document No 50706 Revision A

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