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SLM 318 Signaling Loop Module SLM 318 Loop Module provides the NOTIFIER INSPIRE N16 of Fire Alarm Control Panels FACPs with additional Signal Line Circuits SLCs The N16 Series supports up to 9 additional cards for a total of 10 loops cards with up to 318 devices loop The PMB power supply for the N16 FACP supports a max of five loop cards One or two PMB AUX RTO power sup can be added depending on total number of loop cards battery and alarm load requirements SLM 318 comes factory programmed in FlashScan protocol the capabilities of NOTIFIER Self Test Detectors enabled cards within a N16 can be field configured via license for protocol Support Self Test Series intelligent devices Up to 12,500 feet 3,810 m on a Class B SLC loop twisted Built in degraded mode increases survivability Simplified installation via plug in style design Permits multiple loops in a small enclosure FACPs can support cards operating in FlashScan and CLIP Line Information Signaling Loop Module Adds SLC loops to the N16 FACP N16 supports up to ten SLM 318 cards Listings and Approvals file number s below reference the specific listings for the mod in this document In some cases certain modules or applica may not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may in process Consult NOTIFIER for latest listing status UL S635 FM Approved CSFM 7165 0028 0516 FDNY COA 001761 and Codes listings and approvals below apply to the SLM 318 In some certain modules or applications may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult factory for listing status UL 864 10th edition NFPA 72 National Fire Protection Association 10 15 2021 Page 1 of 2 24VDC nominal 27.6VDC maximum loop length The maximum wiring distance of an SLC 12 AWG 3.1 mm twisted pair wire is 12,500 feet 3810 m channel For a twisted unshielded pair 12 AWG 3.1 mm to 18 0.78 mm Distance with 12 AWG 12,500 ft 3,810 m Distance with 14 AWG 9,500 ft 2,896 m Distance with 16 AWG 6,000 ft 1,829 m Distance with 18 AWG 3,700 ft 1,128 m 50 ohms maximum per length of Class A Class X loops 50 ohms maximum per branch for Class B loop loop length with self test detectors The maximum wir distance of an SLC using 12 AWG 3.1 mm twisted pair wire is feet 3400 m per channel For a twisted unshielded pair 12 3.1 mm to 18 AWG 0.78 mm Distance with 12 AWG 11,000 ft 3,400 m Distance with 14 AWG 6,900 ft 2,100 m Distance with 16 AWG 4,350 ft 1,326 m Distance with 18 AWG 2,700 ft 823 m 35 ohms maximum per length of Class A Class X loops 35 ohms maximum per branch for Class B loop current 210mA Standby current 159mA resistance 50 maximum for single SLC loop 400mA maximum Maximum short circuit loop will shut down until short circuit is corrected resistance 50 ohms supervised and power limited and humidity ranges This system meets NFPA for operation at 0 49 120 and at a relative 93 2 RH noncondensing at 32 2 90 However the useful life of the system s standby batteries and electronic components may be adversely affected by extreme ranges and humidity Therefore it is recommended that system and its peripherals be installed in an environment with a room temperature of 15 27 80 Clintonville Road CT 06472 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice INSPIRE is a trademark of and NOTIFIER is a registered of Honeywell International Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized of this document is strictly prohibited of Origin USA

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