Notifier AFP-200 ROM Change Instructions

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Field Software Change 15632 Rev B 5 20 93 93 119 P N 15632 B procedure outlines the mechanical installation steps required to install EPROMs in the AFP 200 Change precautions for integrated circuits electricity can destroy integrated circuits ICs To prevent damage to the EPROM a wrist strap and a IC insertion extraction tool is highly recommended The manufacturer cannot be responsible for to the EPROM as a result of improper handling Power Sources remove primary and secondary power before working on the system Disconnect battery backup power before working on the system Proceed by disconnecting AC power to the panel at the main service circuit not the circuit breaker at the alarm control panel power supply Wait 60 seconds to allow for capacitive discharge before touching any of the components Reverse the procedure for powering up the system AC first then batteries 1 Circuit Pin Conversion proper orientation of any IC removed or installed Note of Pin 1 with respect to the notch in the body of the IC The EPROM must be installed in the same manner as the removed Failure to observe this orientation will result in of the EPROM NOTE Some ICs may have a small dot of a notch for orientation purposes of Changes Release 4 wire smoke detector reset time and changes the of releasing zones 93 94 AFP 200 operation to 1 limit maximum alarm verification setting to 30 seconds CSFM requirements and 2 delay of AC for DACTs new UL NFPA requirements Add 1 acknowledge for ACS annunciators 2 trouble tone for mode LCD 80s and 3 style D operation for MMX 1 and modules Software refinements were made in Up load down load detector sensitive obscuration display detector testing default setting and holiday programming Replacement proper orientation of any IC removed or installed To replace the EPROM complete the following steps Once all power has been removed disconnect any optional modules if installed Locate U9 bottom right of the board Gently loosen and remove U9 from board Install replacement EPROM in location U9 Observe proper orientation The notch or dot should be on right hand side of the IC Use care to insure that the EPROM pins are not bent or broken during Reconnect power supplies U9 and Testing and test the AFP 200 after EPROM replacement 15632 Rev B 5 20 93 P N 15632 B

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