Notifier AFP-400 Addendum for Relase 2 0 Software

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AFP 400 Analog Fire Panel for Release 2.0 Software 50536 ECN96 238 8 22 96 addendum applies to the following manuals of new AFP 400 features in Release 2.0 Software Support for New Smoke Detectors cid 150 The NOTIFIER LPX 751 VIEW cid 153 Intelligent Early Warning Laser Detector and the IPX 751 intelli multisensor detector Increased Photodetector sensitivity range New software type codes that provide special functions for MMX Monitor CMX Control Modules and Panel Output circuits Nine new ACS annunciator addresses A11 A19 for annunciating UDACT or displaying additional ACS addresses Increased Soak Timer range and new software type codes for low pres CO2 applications Support for a Combination Waterflow Supervisory Valve Monitor

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