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AFP 300 AFP 400 Cabinets AA Series INSTALLATION DRAWING 50392 Rev B Number 50392 B 96 463 03 06 97 Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 cabinet is a backbox and door that can contain a small AFP 300 AFP 400 A small system supports up to twelve NACs and consists of the CPU and one option module Modules mount to rails in the cabinet eliminat the need for optional chassis assemblies Mounting methods include surface or semi flush mounting on a wall with an optional TR 500 between 16 studs Limitations Limited power supply capacity one AVPS 24 expander Backbox can hold 12 amp hour batteries only Maximum of one module in addition to the CPU 400 No voice evacuation capability the Cabinet the cabinet as follows for Installation installing the cabinet read the following Review the installation precautions listed in the AFP 300 AFP 400 Installation All wiring must comply with the National and or Local codes for fire alarm Count the number of conductors needed for all devices and find the appropriate Do not draw wiring into the bottom 9 inches of the cabinet except when using BB 17 This prevents interference between the power supply and batteries addition installers should be familiar with the following standards NEC Article 300 Wiring Methods NEC Article 760 Fire Protective Signaling Systems Applicable Local and State Building Codes Requirements of the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction and Codes 50392 B 03 06 97 1 of 2 Manuals Online a cabinet on a surface in a clean dry vibration free area To install the so the center of the control panel keypad measures 60 inches above the floor follow these instructions Locate the cabinet so that the top edge is 66 inches above the surface of the Mount the backbox using the four mounting holes in the back surface of the the Cabinet Unless you are with the place of components this backbox use the knockout provided for entry floor hinge places the Cabinet the Cabinet the cabinet as follows Install the Dress Plate mounting screws Install control panel components refer to the AFP 300 AFP 400 Installation Install the Dress Panel and tighten the mounting screws Place the door on the hinge pins Panel screw the Cabinet Panel 2 of 2 50392 B 03 06 97 Manuals Online

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