Notifier AFP-400 VeriFire Installation Instructions

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AFP 400 External Programming Utility INSTALLATION DRAWING 50376 Rev A Number 50376 A2 99 099 3 1 99 Fire Lite Place CT 06472 Veri cid 149 Fire 400 Off Line Programming Utility lets you load or download between the PC and the control panel This document contains for installing the Veri cid 149 Fire 400 external programming kit connecting a PC to the AFP 300 or AFP 400 installing the Veri cid 149 Fire 400 program System system requirements are a personal computer processor 386 and with the following Kit 4MB RAM with a fixed disk Windows 3.1 or higher VGA monitor Veri cid 149 Fire 400 programming kit contains the following 400 program disks cable 75267 1 Cable not in upgrade version Quantity 1 Set Install the VeriFire 400 external programming kit as follows instructions on using the program refer to on line help utility using a modem reverse black and green wires on Upload Download cable Termimal Connect to computer COM Port cable 75267 400 disks Programming Connections for the AFP 400 AFP 300

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