Notifier NBG-10 Series Installation Instructions

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Note The switch rating is 3 amps 30 Volts AC DC Denotes solder connection NBG 10L NBG 10WP NAR 10 Series Pull Stations Installation Drawing 15587 Rev F1 07 21 97 ECN 97 294 contact for functions control panel loop output control panel loop output next device or ELR control panel loop output next device or ELR terminal block tests or to circuit operated control panel loop output next device or ELR next device or ELR NBG 10 Series is a non coded dual action normally open manual pull station with the following options NBG10A with switch NBG 10L with key for reset NBG 10P with key for presignal or test NBG 10N without terminal block BG 10 enclosed in a weatherproof backbox Series Operation the dual action door is pushed in and the handle pulled down the N O push type switches will close The handle cannot restored to its normal position until the station is manually reset by unscrewing the hex screw and pivoting the case away from the backplate When the handle is restored return the case to its normal position and secure with the screw Note The NBG 10L utilizes a mechanical key instead of a hex screw The microswitch of the NBG 10P T is by rotating a key clockwise The key cannot be removed while in this position 12 Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118

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