Notifier BG-10 Baffle Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions the BG 10 Series Station Baffle Plate BG 10 Series Pull Station Baffle Plate Model BG 10BP ensures that foreign objects into the unit maliciously do not prevent the push mechanism from operating prop Foreign objects such as coins can be inserted into the break glass slot or the space the push mechanism when it is open Once inserted objects can fall behind the mechanism preventing it from operating properly The baffle plate acts as a shelf and holding the objects away from the push mechanism preventing it from jam Instructions Push in the mechanism until the internal springs are visible Be certain that the pull handle is not pulled down for this operation Insert the Baffle Plate arrow side up above the springs fitting it into the tracks in the Push the Baffle Plate all the way in until the lip between the two internal springs and the mechanism can return to normal Release the mechanism to its normal position If inserting the Baffle Plate on already installed stations ensure the applicable Initiating Device Zone is disabled to prevent unwanted alarm Number 50715 June 1997 Revision 97 184

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