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APS2 6R 6.0 Amp Auxiliary Power Supply APS2 6R is a state of the art 150 watt switching auxiliary supply providing 24 VDC of filtered DC power The APS2 provides three 24 VDC output circuits rated for 6.0 Amps in and 4.0 Amps continuous It is used for the operation of audible visual devices alarm signaling appliances for Onyx Series control panels APS2 6R can also be used with Legacy panels Please refer the APS2 6R manual for more information UL 864 Ninth Edition compliant Lightweight compact design 120 or 220 240 VAC 50 60 Hz versions Output circuits with overload protection Built in circuitry Diagnostic trouble LED Plug in connector for in cabinet applications and screw terminals remote device applications Trouble supervision bus Shares battery and charger circuit with control panel Power limited design per UL requirements AC Fail supervision and reporting with field selectable delay per Heavy duty clamp type terminals accept up to 12 AWG 3.1 mm 864 Battery voltage supervision Low battery disconnect Mounts in a standard CAB 3 XLS ADT CAB 4 Series cabinet and Operation used with the CAB 3 or CAB 4 Series CAB A3 A4 B3 C3 C4 or D3 D4 one to four tiers the APS2 6R mounts to CHS 4 or CHS 4L mounting chassis If more than one APS2 6R necessary to satisfy Audible Visual DC power requirements additional APS2 6R power supplies together as described the Installation Instruction Manual 53232 Laboratories requires that all Signaling Appliances approved for use with the selected control system due to volt operating range criteria Use only those appliances listed for with the associated control system Refer to Device Compati Document 15378 SPECIFICATIONS primary input power TB1 APS2 6R 120 VAC 50 60 Hz A APS2 6RE 220 240 VAC 50 60 Hz 1.5 A secondary input power TB3 TB3 1 TB3 2 VDC output power TB2 Total 6.0 A 4.0 A continuous Cir 1 TB2 1 TB2 2 3.0 A 24 VDC power limited Circuit 2 TB2 4 3.0 A 24 VDC power limited VDC output power J9 6.0 A 4.0 A continuous Non Power Contacts TB4 AC Fail supervision over the SLC F2 battery supervision 32 VAC 10.0 A Fast Acting Minifuse supervision bus J3 output Form A contact open collector J4 input Form A contact open collector and J4 can be interchanged of AC indication indication default 1 2 hour delay cut JP2 2 3 hour cut JP2 and JP3 SPECIFICATIONS APS2 6R measures approximately 8.625 21.91 cm x 6.625 cm x 2.375 6.03 cm and weighs approximately 2 lbs for Mounting Series Use CHS 4 and CHS 4L chassis NFS2 3030 NFS2 640 AM2020 AFP1010 NFS 3030 NFS AFP 400 AFP 300 and System 5000 control panels Line Information 24 volt filtered power supply 120 VAC input 24 volt filtered power supply 220 240 VAC input 12 24 VDC end of line relay Four module chassis Four module chassis low profile End of Line Resistor Assembly 2 7 19 Page 1 of 2 Standards and Codes power supply complies with the standards set forth by the fol regulatory agencies Standards NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code Laboratories UL 864 Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm addition the installer should be familiar with the following stan NEC Article 300 Wiring Methods Applicable Local and State Building Codes Requirements of the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction The Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 Listings and Approvals listings and approvals below apply to the basic APS2 6R In cases certain modules may not be listed by certain approval or listing may be in process Consult factory for latest status UL ULC S635 FM Approved CSFM 7315 0028 248 FDNY COA 6028 Clintonville Road CT 06472 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized of this document is strictly prohibited of Origin USA

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