Notifier BG-10 Locking Safety Clip Installation

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Locking Safety Clip 51329 Rev A 3 22 00 ECN 00 114 Locking Safety Clip is an enhancement to the operation of the BG 10 Series Pull Station Its purpose is increase the tamper resistance of the pull station The safety clip does not allow an activated pull station be forced back into the inactivated position without first unlocking and opening the pull station door Information Clip Installation Open the BG 10 pull station cover door using the key or appropriate hex wrench The open door will rest a perpendicular position to the attached mounted back plate Holding the door as shown in Figure 1 snap the locking clip into position over the end of the activating Figure 2 shows the locking clip installed in the correct position Close and lock the BG 10 pull station cover door 1 2

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