Notifier BG-10 Series Pull Station Lock Replacement

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This document is to provide important and installation information the BG 10 Series of manual pull It is extremely important that the information be read Series Pull Station Replacement Product Installation Drawing 51291 Rev A 12 22 99 ECN 99 542 on an Electrical Box installing the BG 10 Series manual pull station on an electrical do not overtighten the mounting screws If the mounting screws are the pull station backplate will begin to bow leading to false alarms bows if Lock Replacement snap in lock which was installed in the BG 10 Series manual pull manufactured from August of 1998 through November of 1999 loosen under extreme use leading to false alarms The lock should replaced with the supplied clip in lock as outlined in the following Snap in lock removal Disable the zone associated with that pull station to prevent a false As a precaution notify building occupants and the fire or monitoring service that the system is being worked on Open the pull station housing and leave the lock in the unlocked Remove the lock by using a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze the tabs in toward the lock body and then pull the lock straight out the pull station housing As an alternative a flat blade screw can be used to press a tab while sliding one side of the lock out then press the other tab to free the lock from housing Clip in lock installation Insert lock assembly with key and cam in position shown angling it as Secure the lock to the pull station housing by pushing the retaining into the notches in the lock Close and lock the pull station housing Verify that the top of the locked pull station housing closes tightly the pull station backplate If the fit is not tight open the pull and bend the formed tab which is located above the switch on backplate to eliminate any play Reactivate all disabled zones after completing lock replacement and the affected pull stations Clip Box Tab

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