Notifier NAM-232 AFP-200 Pre-Alarm Support Installation Instructions

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NAM 232 AFP 200 Support Installation Document 50383 Rev A P N 50383 A 10 25 95 ECN 95 471 Rev A Network Notice using the AFP 200 analog fire panel with the NAM 232 network adapter module the AFP 200 pre function is not yet supported pre alarm support is available set the AFP 200 pre alarm alert and action levels to zero Fire alarm other signals may not be reported to the network if the AFP 200 pre alarm alert and action levels are both set at zero alert and action values may be set in the range 0 to 99 At the Special Zone 99 display set both the alert and action levels to 00 shown to the right more information regarding pre alarm of the AFP 200 see the AFP 200 Fire Panel Instruction Manual Document

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