Notifier NCM-1 Noise Control Module

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March 29 1994 Section Miscellanous 1 of 2 Control Module Loop Black White Loop Red NCM 1 Noise Control For sytems without shield cut white wires cid 4 cid 5 cid 6 cid 6 cid 7 cid 8 cid 9 cid 3 cid 10 cid 11 cid 12 cid 13 cid 8 cid 14 cid 9 Notifier NCM 1 Noise Control Module patented used to reduce common mode noise noise that is on both conductors on the Signaling Line SLC The NCM 1 will allow the use of un unshielded wire on the SLC Applications that audio or fire fighters telephones require the use twisted shielded wiring for all circuits including SLC The NCM 1 may still be used in these appli to further reduce common mode noise Mounts in Cabinet or External Use Multiple NCMs for T Tapped non shielded connections Connects directly to Signaling Circuit Pig Tail Type Connections Patented Design U S Patent 5 210 523 NCM 1 wires directly in line with the SLC Loop NCM 1 includes pig tail leads to connect the SLC Read the table following to determine the wiring distance All distances are rated at allowable distance and AWG wire document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our information up to date and accurate We can cover all specific applications or all requirements All specifications are subject to change without notice For more contact NOTIFIER Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 Clintonville Road Northford Connecticut 06472 and Manufacturing System Certified to Standard ISO 9001 in the U S A AM2020 AFP1010 SLC WIRING SPECIFICATIONS NO AUDIO MORE THAN ACCEPTABLE MAXIMUM LOOP SLC WIRE AWG 18 feet loop 18 feet or NO 18 or NO 18 feet Loop feet Loop 18 2,000 feet loop 14 18 feet feet feet1 18 feet loop 18 feet feet1 feet1 feet1 1 A smaller gauge wire will support shorter distances as follows 14 AWG 8,000 ft Maximum 16 AWG 4,875 ft Maximum 18 AWG 3,225 ft Maximum

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