Notifier NCS Kit Hardware Requirements

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NCS Kit Requirements Installation Document 51689 Rev B 1 20 03 02 564 Headquarters Clintonville Rd Northford CT 06472 1653 USA Fax 203 484 7118 is a document outlines the requirements for fielding a computer system capable of running the Notifier NCS software user supplied system must meet the minimum system requirements user must follow the detailed installation instructions set forth in this document Notifier can not be held responsible or for any aspect of the user supplied system operation and will not provide technical services of any kind This kit and any in which it is installed does not have Underwriters Laboratories UL listing unless it is installed in a previously UL 400 MHz NCS or NRT computer Minimum Hardware Requirements or NCS NCF card Refer to Document for configuration and installation instructions measured diagonally extended graphics XGA display with a video resolution capable supporting 1024 x 768 pixels 400 MHz Pentium II or compatible MB DIMM RAM GB Hard Drive PCI Slot if NCS NCW F is not already installed KB Cache Memory Card Soundblaster Pro Compatible MB Floppy Drive with on board floppy controller MB Video RAM PCI based AGP or XVGA Printer if printer is required it must be serial Mouse Keyboard Serial Ports one Parallel Port Watt Power Supply GB Tape Backup or CDRW Case mounted Speaker CD ROM Shop Pro or equivalent Graphics package to generate NCS Graphics the NCS Manual Document 51585 for configuration and installation instructions Configuration Requirements Systems NCS will only run on a system containing Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or on Windows 2000 Pro with Service Pack 2 Modem Installation of a modem will invalidate UL listing Microphone ESD grounding is required to the chassis of the computer Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation Hardware Requirements P N51689 Rev B 1 20 03 1 of 1

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