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SCS Series Control Station SCE 8 SCS 8L SCE 8E series Smoke Control Stations include the SCS 8 and Smoke control modules and the SCS 8L and SCE 8L driver versions products are used with the Notifier NFS2 3030 panel or NCA 2 network annunciator for Firefighter Smoke Control FSCS applications For HVAC applications SCS devices may be used with the NFS 320 NFS2 640 and NCA 2 SCS can control and monitor eight switch groups that fans or dampers or groups of fans or dampers SCE is used with the SCS expanding the capability to and monitor a total of 16 switch groups One SCE Control Expander can be used to increase the number switch groups used on one annunciator address to 32 Up to annunciator addresses are supported on NOTIFIER sys providing a maximum capability to control and monitor separate switch groups SCS 8L and SCE 8L lamp drivers are configured with a Custom Graphic Annunciator and must be installed a UL Listed Graphic Annunciator backbox SCS 8 SCE 8 or SCS 8L SCE 8L is capable of two of operation Firefighter Smoke Control Station or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC THE FSCS MODE SCS SCE has the capability to help maintain a tenable in evacuation routes help restrict the movement smoke from the fire area help provide conditions in non areas that will assist fire officials conduct search and operations and to find and combat the fire and assist in life and property features for FSCS mode include support for redun smoke control stations pairing allowing multiple units to as a single system and adjustable trouble timers adjust outside of parameters set by UL and ULC will require approval THE HVAC MODE SCS SCE has the capability to monitor and control the heating ventilating and air conditioning The HVAC is not consistent with UL and NFPA standards for smoke This mode should be used for fan shutdown and build heating ventilating and air conditioning purposes only to the SCS is accomplished over a two wire interface employing an EIA 485 communication standard for the SCS is provided via a separate 24 VDC regulated loop If power is lost a trouble signal will result at the con panel SCS has two rotary decimal switches for addressing and dipswitches for mode configuration SCS 8 SCE 8 module has eight independent switch that consist of the following Miniature locking toggle switch three position ON AUTO Four annunciator protocol points two control and two moni cid 129 D 170 ON OPEN indicator Green OFF CLOSED indicator Yellow Trouble LED Amber SCS 8 SCE 8 also has two LEDs and one momentary with the following functions ALL AUTO LED Green MANUAL LED Amber LOCAL ACKNOWLEDGE LAMP TEST momentary switch LOCAL ACKNOWLEDGE LAMP TEST momentary switch SCS 8L SCE 8L module has eight independent switch as well however since the SCS 8L SCE 8L is a lamp version of the SCS 8 SCE 8 each switch group consists contacts for connection of a three position switch and con for connection of three lamps or LEDs Each SCS 8L also has contacts for connection of two LEDs and one switch The SCS 8L SCE 8L modules must be in a UL approved Custom Graphic Annunciator panel and humidity ranges This system meets NFPA for operation at 0 to 49 32 to 120 and a relative humidity noncondensing of 85 at 30 86 NFPA and 93 2 at 32 2 89.6 1.1 per However the useful life of the system standby batteries the electronic components may be adversely affected by temperature ranges and humidity Therefore it is rec that this system and all peripherals be installed in environment with a nominal room temperature of 15 to 60 to 80 and Damper Operation the SCS SCE a fan or damper or a group of fans or dampers to be used a smoke control system the system must not only be able to the point s but it must the state it is in ON OFF or 7 20 17 Page 1 of 2 Relay driver module for the SCS 8L Annunciator Surface Box Mounts four modules window with key lock door 12.0 30.48 cm x 50.641 cm x 3.5 8.89 cm Door adds 1.25 3.175 to depth The Annunciator Dress Panel 4B black provides the cabinet mounting of one to four modules The ADP 4B to a CAB 4 Series cabinet Modules mount to threaded studs on the ADP 4B The SCS 8 does not mount in a DP DISP and Monitoring a Fan Control Loop Alarm Control Panel and or Control Annunciator For full FSCS support with NFS2 640 panel the SCS connect to the NCA 2 EIA 485 port capability to control a fan or a damper is accomplished the use of intelligent control modules control module is used to control the ON OFF state of a or the OPEN CLOSED state of a damper The capability to the state of a fan or a damper is accomplished through use of intelligent monitor modules monitor module is used to monitor the ON OFF state of a or the OPEN CLOSED state of a damper The figure below a general layout of the components necessary to con and monitor a fan The intelligent control and monitor mod are controlled by the FACP SCS communicates with the FACP over the EIA 485 data Annunciator Control System circuit switch group on an SCS 8 SCE 8 consists of two LEDs annunciation of fan or damper status one LED for annunci of trouble conditions and an ON AUTO OFF OPEN CLOSED three position switch for control of a fan or through the intelligent control and monitor modules status of the control and monitor modules depends on the of the three position switch If the switch is in the AUTO and there is an alarm condition in the FACP then the and monitor modules will function according to the programming in the control panel the switch is in the ON OPEN position or the OFF position then the SCS series module sends a sig over the EIA 485 overriding the automatic programming to the OFF CLOSED position of the fan or damper Listings and Approvals listings and approvals below apply to SCS Series compo In some cases certain modules or applications may not listed by certain approval agencies or listing may be in pro Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed file S5511 S635 S4977 ULC Listed file S635 S4977 CSFM approved 7300 0028 183 SCS 8 SCE 8 7165 0554 0153 MEA approved 289 91 E8 FDNY COA 6211 6212 6135 6220 Line Information See panel data sheets and manuals lists of compatible for appropriate intelligent control and monitor mod Smoke Control Master Module Eight switches to 16 with SCE 8 Smoke Control Expander Module expands the SCS 8 to 16 Smoke Control Lamp Driver Master Module Eight expandable to 16 with SCE 8 Requires UL ULC custom graphic annunciator available other Smoke Control Lamp Driver Expander Module the SCS 8 switches to 16 24 60.96 cm long cable used to connect outputs to lamps or LEDs 48 121.92 cm long cable used to connect outputs to lamps or LEDs and ONYX are registered trademarks of Honeywell Interna Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unau use of this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 of Origin USA 2 of 2 DN 4818 B cid 129 7 20 17

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