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Series Addressable Thermal cid 2 for FireWarden Series NOTIFIER NH 100 A Series thermal detectors are sensors that use a state of the art thermistor circuit for fast response These sensors provide open protection and are intended for use with FireWarden FireWarden 100 2 and FireWarden 50 and Spartan addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels FACPs NH 100 A and NH 100R A sensors provide fixed tem alarm detection at 135 57 The NH 100R A also responds to rate of rise conditions of greater than 8.3 per minute The NH 100H A is a fixed high tem detector that activates at 190 88 These ther detectors provide addressable property protection in a of applications LEDs on each sensor light to provide a local visible sen indication Remote LED annunciator capability is available an optional accessory the RA100Z loop Two wire SLC loop connection Unit uses base for wiring Addressable by device Rotary decimal addressing 01 99 with FireWarden 100 NSP 25 01 50 with FireWarden 50 Sleek low profile stylish design State of the art thermistor technology for fast response communications and built in device type identifica Built in tamper resistant feature Built in functional test switch activated by external magnet Factory preset at 135 57 for the NH 100 A and NH 190 88 for the NH 100H A Rate of rise triggers at 15 8.3 per minute for the NH 360 viewing angle of the visual alarm indicators two LEDs LEDs blink red in Normal condition and turn steady red in Alarm Visible LEDs every time the unit is addressed Sealed against back pressure SEMS screws for wiring of the separate base Designed for direct surface or electrical box mounting Plugs into separate base for ease of installation and main Separate base allows interchange of photoelectric ioniza and thermal sensors system features Remote test feature from the panel Walk test with address display A1 320 in B210LP A Base Low standby current 94 5V plastic flammability rating Remote LED output connection to optional RA100Z remote annunciator Flanged surface mounting kit Series plug in intelligent thermal detectors use a base to simplify installation service and mainte Installation instructions are shipped with each detector base all base types on an electrical backbox which is least 1.5 3.81 cm deep For a chart of compatible junction see DN 60054 Because of the inherent supervision provided by the SLC end of line resistors are not required Wiring or are permitted for Style 4 Class wiring only thermal detectors for protection of property detectors are constructed of off white fire resistant The NH 100 A Series plug in intelligent thermal are designed to commercial standards and offer an appearance NH 100 A Series detector uses one of 99 FireWarden NSP 25 or 50 FireWarden 50 possible addresses on control panel SLC loop It responds to regular polls from the panel and reports its type and the status If it receives a command from the panel or a local magnet test it stimu its electronics and reports an alarm It blinks its LEDs polled and turns the LEDs on when commanded by the The NH 100 A Series offers features and performance represent the latest in thermal detector technology 5 17 13 Page 1 of 2 BASES suffix indicates ULC Listed model For details about intelligent bases and their mounting see Plug in detector base included standard U S low profile mounting base Bulk pack of B210LP package contains 10 Standard European flangeless mounting base Bulk pack of B501 package contains 10 Intelligent sounder base capable of producing output with ANSI Temporal 3 or continuous tone B501BH series bases in retrofit applications Plug in System Sensor relay base Screw termi up to 14 AWG 2.0 mm Relay type Form C Rating 2.0 30 VDC resistive 0.3 A 110 VDC inductive 1.0 A VDC inductive Plug in System Sensor isolator detector base 25 devices between isolator bases see DN 6994 Retrofit flange to convert B210LP A to match the profile or to convert older high profile bases to Bulk pack of F110 package contains 15 Replacement flange for B210LP A base Remote LED annunciator 3 32 VDC Mounts to U S single gang electrical box For use with B501 A and bases only Surface mounting kit magnet Test magnet with telescoping handle Detector removal tool Allows installation and or of detector heads from bases in high ceiling applica Extension pole for XR2B Comes in three 5 foot 1.524 sections Detector removal tool without pole 2.1 5.3 cm high base determines diameter B210LP A 6.1 15.5 cm diameter B501 A 4.1 10.4 cm diameter B200SR A 6.875 17.46 cm diameter B224RB A 6.2 15.748 cm diameter weight 4.8 oz 137 g temperature NH 100 A NH 100R A to 100 to 38 NH 100H A to 150 to 66 range 10 to 93 relative humidity noncon range 15 to 32 VDC peak current 300 cid 2 A 24 VDC one communication five seconds with LED blink enabled current 6.5 mA 24 VDC B210LP A flanged base included See Information Intelligent Bases if using a different base setpoint 135 57 for the NH 100 NH 100R A A 190 88 for the NH 100H A detection responds to greater than 15 8.3 minute and Approvals and approvals below apply to the NH 100 A Series In some cases certain modules may not be listed certain approval agencies or listing may be in process factory for latest listing status UL Listed S747 ULC Listed S747 CSFM 7270 0028 0234 MEA 387 02 E Vol II FM approved Line Information suffix indicates ULC Listed model Intelligent thermal sensor 135 F 57 C B210LP included Same as NH 100 but with ULC Listing B210LPA included Same as NH 100 with rate of rise feature B210LP included Same as NH 100R but with ULC Listing B210LPA included Intelligent fixed high temperature thermal detector F 88 C B210LP base included Same as NH 100H but with ULC Listing B210LPA included and FireWarden are registered trademarks of Honeywell Inc cid 2 All rights reserved Unauthorized use of this document is strictly document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 6997 D 5 17 13

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