Notifier NFV-25 50 FireVoice-25 50 Voice Evacuation Control Panel

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Evacuation Control Panel FireVoice 25 50 NFV 25 50 is a state of the art single dual circuit 25 watts each Emergency Voice Evacuation Panel EVAC The NFV 25 50 records five field pro messages up to 60 seconds total message dura with an emergency microphone or from an external audio source technological enhancements set the NFV 25 50 from other EVAC panels these include full supervision both active alarm or music and standby conditions super of amplifier outputs field wiring message generator all generators and the microphone The integral power sup charges up to 18 AH batteries which can be housed in the cabinet NFV 25 50 is suitable for use as an adjunct slave or to most UL Listed Fire Alarm Control Panels An optional 25 watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier is for system expansion to 50 watts providing dual 25 speaker circuits or as a secondary amplifier in jurisdic requiring backup A 70.7 VRMS converter is also avail for independently converting amplifiers to meet retrofit host of field programming options including the capability of custom messages fire tornado evacuation hazmat non multi language etc make the NFV 25 50 the most versa voice evacuation system available Applications include schools auditoriums dormito theatres restaurants places of worship lodging office and factories Features Listed to UL Standard 864 9th edition 25 watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier with single Style Class A or Style Y Class B speaker circuit expandable 50 watts using the ACC AAM25 Modular design for maximum system flexibility and ease of Five Command Input Circuits CMD are available for acti by an FACP Two command input circuits can be independently field pro for activation by a Notification Appliance Circuit or contact closure Three command input circuits activate on contact closure Manual deactivation of speaker zones Command inputs allow One 60 second message Two messages Three 20 second messages 15 second messages Five 12 second messages Microphone time out feature Nineteen different system and diagnostic LEDs Two Form C trouble relays System AC Power Loss Optional equipment second amplifier playback and remote microphone digital message generator with standard factory emergency evacuation message Custom messages are field recordable using the integral or the audio input jack C 10 Control Systems Digital message may be field selected for 3 4 6 8 or infi repeat Built in alert tone generators with steady slow whoop high or chime tone capability Field selectable lead in trailing tone selection Alert tone selection may be field programmed to conform ANSI S3.41 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signal Pattern per NFPA Speaker zone control via CMD inputs or keypad Dual optically isolated trigger input circuits are indepen field programmable for activation by polarity reversal FACP NAC or dry contact closure Zone 1 switch programmable for All Call operation diagnostic LEDs include Power System Trouble Trouble Message Generator Trouble Tone Trouble Amplifier Fault and others Form C trouble relay allows FACP to monitor system while in active alarm state piezo provides local audible indication for troubles Fully supervised in Standby and Active states including microphone amplifier output message generator wiring and tone generators amplifier supervision current limit audio level circuit protection All outputs are power limited Auxiliary power output provides local power for addressable modules when used to activate the NFV 25 50 Compatible with all NOTIFIER FACPs as well as other panels Background music capability requires AHJ approval When using the background music option total output per amplifier is reduced to 20 watts 1 13 10 Page 1 of 4 Modules 25 watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier module for system expansion to 50 watts provid dual 25 watt speaker circuits or as a backup to the primary amplifier where required Single Class A or Class B circuit Plug in style terminal blocks for ease of ser and maintenance Fully supervised and power limited LEDs include yellow LED cable fault 70 fault amp fault and green functional LED Converts 25 VRMS audio outputs to 70.7 VRMS retrofit applications Plugs directly on ACC AAM25 mod allowing independent conversion to 70.7 VRMS Local digital message playback for user review of custom messages Series Two batteries required See FACP manual for current requirements See data sheet for overview of Optional trim ring for semi flush mounting Optional remote microphone includes backbox one VEC RMper system input circuits CMD1 and CMD2 Trigger input 10.5 29 VDC When programmed for reverse polarity activation contact rating 2.0 A at 30 VDC resistive 0.6 A VAC resistive power output Specific application power 24 V 35 AC power 1.6 A maximum 120 VAC 50 60 Hz power battery charging circuit Supports lead batteries only voltage 27.6 V charge current 800 mA battery charging capacity 18 AH Specifications 26.174 66.482 cm high x 15.780 40.081 cm wide x 2.858 cm deep Backbox 26.0 66.040 cm high x 39.370 cm wide x 4.75 12.065 cm deep depth door and Indicators INDICATORS Power On green System Trouble yellow Message Generator Trouble yellow Tone Generator Trouble yellow Microphone Trouble yellow Record Playback green Zone 1 green Active yellow Manual Deactivation Zone 2 green Active yellow Manual Deactivation system LEDs Battery Trouble Charger Trouble Fault Speaker Circuit Trouble and Amplifier and Humidity Ranges system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 120 and at a relative humidity 93 2 RH at 32 2 90 3 However the 2 of 4 DN 7004 A1 1 13 10 life of the system standby batteries and the electronic may be adversely affected by extreme tempera ranges and humidity Therefore it is recommended that system and its peripherals be installed in an environment a normal room temperature of 15 27 80 and Codes NFV 25 50 complies with the following standards NFPA National Fire Alarm Code NFPA 101 Life Safety Code UL Standard for Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the basic NFV 25 50 In cases certain modules may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult fac for latest listing status UL Listed S635 Standard 864 9th Edition CSFM 6911 0028 229 MEA 341 03 E Vol 2 NFV 25 50 ACC AAM25 Line Information 25 watt 25 VRMS Emergency Voice Evacuation Panel with integral commercial microphone digital generator and single dual channel Class A or Class speaker circuits Optional 25 watt 25 VRMS Audio Amplifier with single Class A or Class B speaker circuit optional 70.7 VRMS Converter Module one per amplifier optional Local Playback Speaker Series Two batteries required See FACP manual for current requirements See data sheet for overview of Optional trim ring for semi flush mounting Optional remote microphone includes backbox one VEC RMper system Examples FireVoice 25 50 is a voice evacuation control panel which be used with a variety of FACPs for em

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