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NION 232B FS90 Installation Document document covers the procedures and specifications for installing the above listed unit and when information regarding configuration on the monitored device For more detailed configura and operation information refer to Network Installation Manual Echelon Local Area Server or BCI 3 Manual as appropriate of the Serial NION 232B Serial NION 232B Network Input Output Node is the EIA 232 interface used with the network All of the components are based on LonWorks cid 153 Local Operating Network technologies The Serial NION 232B transparent or interpreted communications between the workstation and control panels Unless otherwise full control capabilities are available for each interface Check specific connections for details NION connects a LonWorks cid 153 FT 10 or FO 10 network and the RS 232 port of control panels It provides a two way communication channel for RS 232 serial data when connected to a control panel NIONs are to the type of network to which they connect FT 10 or FO 10 The transceiver type must be specified and separately when ordering the NION NION can be powered by any 24VDC power limited source with battery backup which is UL listed for use with protective signaling units NION mounts in an enclosure NIS CAB 1 or CHS 4L in CAB 3 series enclosure with conduit knockout Requirements NION 232B can be installed in the following environmental conditions range of 0 to 49 32 cid 176 F 120 cid 176 F humidity non condensing at 30 86 cid 176 F NION 232B is designed to be installed on a wall within 20 feet of the control panel in the same room The of hardware used is at the discretion of the installer but must be in accordance with local code requirements Board 232 Status Net Ser Rec Ser Fail 1 2 Output 1 2 Configura Switch OutputsIn General 51222 NION 232B FS90 Installation Rev A 6 22 99 Rev A 51222 ECN 99 060 Manuals Online Communication Description baud rate parity and data bits of the NION 232B must be equal to those of the RS 232 serial port of the panel The NION 232B comes from the factory preset for the application it was ordered to fill These are made on switch S2 it becomes necessary to change any of these settings use the chart below Baud Rate Switch Position 4 Switch Position 5 Switch Position 6 On Notifier equipment operates at 2400 baud Position 2 Position 3 600 Parity None Odd Even Data Bits 8 7 Position 1 If the device connected to the NION calls for 9 data bits then the NION must be set to 8 bits with either Even or Odd parity S2 Settings for the NION 232B RS 232 Configuration Power Requirements NION 232B requires 24 VDC 0.080 A nominal and battery backup in accordance with local code It can be powered by any power limited source with battery backup which is UL listed for use with protective signaling units It is recommended that the installer conform to local code requirements when all wiring All power connections must be non resettable Refer to the Notifier catalog for specific part numbers and ordering information for each Always remove power from the NION before making any changes to switch and removing or installing option modules SMX network modules and upgrade chips or damage may result Always observe ESD protection Manuals Online 51222 NION 232B FS90 Installation Rev A 6 22 99 Connections with the FS90 Control Panel NION FS90 must be connected to the Serial Printer port of the LH Interface board installed with the FS90 panel RS 232 settings are Baud Rate 9600 Data Bits 8 Stop Bits 1 Parity None This interface does not provide direct reset acknowledge or silence unsilence control the NION NION FS90 can be powered from any power limited source UL or ULC listed as appropriate for your area for with fire protective signaling units providing 24VDC 10 0.080 A Addressing for the FS90 Control Panel device addresses contain a seven digit individual device address AAAAAAA The panel reports 01.01.110 The NION reports 0101110 to the WKS Use only wire for power limited systems limited wire runs use type FPLR FPLP FPL equivalent cabling per NEC 760 Control Printer of the LH Board VDC Supply Wiring Diagram Manuals Online 51222 NION 232B FS90 Installation Rev A 6 22 99

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