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NION 2C8M DFXC Kit Installation Document document covers the procedures and specifications for installing the above listed unit and when information regarding configuration on the monitored device This document should be in conjunction with product installation documents 50815 NION 2C8M and 50817 SMX Trans when installing the NION 2C8M with DFXC network transceiver the DFXC to a NION 2C8M mounting kit must be used when installing a DFXC network transceiver on a NION 2C8M This mounting kit a pair of extended standoffs with mounting screws and a network transceiver header extension These replace all other transceiver mounting components included with either the NION or the network To install the DFXC transceiver Attach the extended standoffs to the NION with the included screws Plug the network transceiver extension socket into the network transceiver connector on the NION Plug the DFXC transceiver into the transceiver extension and anchor it to the standoffs with the included Board Layout 51268 NION 2C8M DFXC Kit Rev A 10 21 99 51268 Rev A ECN 99 461 1 8

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