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DN 6971 B A0 Systems 5.0 is the interface which allows NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels to form a network Each control panel network node maintains its own area of while monitoring and controlling other areas other nodes information is displayed at each network node In areas as a security office where the entire network must be network annunciators are available NFN is a token pass style network based the proven ARCNET local area network technology with million nodes installed worldwide This computer LAN makes NFN extremely powerful yet simple to con and install Fiber optic multi mode wire or combination wire fiber path NFPA Style 4 or Style 7 network operation Based on proven ARCNET technology True peer to peer communications Each node stores its program and communicates equally with all other Token passing non collision protocol No polling computer or other central weak link regenerative system Each node acts as a to reshape and regenerate data signals Failure of node does not affect any other node communications surviving nodes High speed data communications 312,500 BPS operates times as fast as competitive networks Simple plug in module the SIB NET connects AM2020 The NAM 232 connects AFP 200 AFP 300 400 anywhere on the network The NCM connects the NFS 640 NCA BACnet Gateway and NWS Multiple Network Control Stations ONYXWORKS may placed anywhere on the network Additional ONYX may be used to provide inherent backup Multiple Network Control Annunciators NCA may be anywhere on the network Version 5.0 does not sup the INA ONYXWORKS and JNCA display all network activity competitive systems the point display capacity is hold to less than the maximum network capacity Single small gauge twisted pair wire no shield necessary data communications path Electrical isolation between nodes Network clock synchronization see page 3 History buffers on NCA ONYXWORKS NCS NFS 3030 AFP 1010 AM2020 AFP 200 AFP 300 and Intelligent Fire Control Panels Powerful Cooperative Control by Event allows point s on node to activate point s on other nodes Any input can on any output network wide For High Speed NOTI see DN 60454 Printer Points Points Points Points Points Annunciator AMG FFT 7 07 17 17 Page 1 of 4 Workstation Is a UL Listed graphical workstation which as the central command center for the NOTI FIRE NET 2 of 4 DN 6971 B 07 17 17 Network Control Annunciator NCA provides full annunciation of all network signals and optionally allow system control functions 640 character backlit LCD display shows all network and troubles LEDs for POWER FIRE ALARM PRE ALARM SECU SUPERVISORY SYSTEM TROUBLE OTHER SIGNAL SILENCED POINT DISABLE and CPU Fixed Function Keys Switches for FIRE ALARM SCROLL SECURITY SCROLL DISPLAY SUPERVISORY TROUBLE SCROLL DISPLAY OTHER SCROLL DISPLAY SIGNAL SILENCE DRILL SYSTEM RESET Special Function Keys for DISABLE ENABLE PRINT LAMP TEST NEXT SELECTION PREVIOUS and RECALL LAST ENTRY Alphanumeric QWERTY keypad with tactile and audible Nonvolatile real time clock can be synchronized with net by master node Nonvolatile History Buffer 200 Alarm events 1,000 System Two optically isolated EIA 232 ports for printer and CRT ter Limited CCBE operation Cannot serve as a synchroniza master clock Full network display Series Media Interface Boards MIB mounts onto the SIB NET module It at 312K bits per second and provides full signal and amplification before passing information on the next node In combination with the panel software it will NFPA Style 4 or 7 configurations It is available in versions MIB W wire MIB F fiber and MIB WF wire fiber Series Repeater Modules RPT repeater is a single PC board that may be used to the distance of transmission It may also be used to media type between wire and fiber The RPT may in the ABS 8R surface box or in the CAB 3 or CAB 4 using one slot of the CHS 4 or CHS 4L Available as wire RPT F fiber and RPT WF wire fiber con Requires 24 VDC ONYXWORKS See ONYXWORKS data sheet DN Mounts in ABS 4D surface semi flush cabinet with door and NCA Network Control Annunciator See NCA data sheet lock Mounts in CAB 3 or CAB 4 Series cabinets using ADP hinged dress panel An NCM is required for every NCA 24 VDC power from remote or local supply CAB 3 4 cabinet required for local power SIB NET is a plug in board which allows an AM2020 or control panel to connect to NOTI It into the panel ICA 4L Interconnect Chassis Assembly Plug in module may be retrofitted into existing systems Accepts one MIB series module Two EIA 232 ports for CRT terminals or EDP listed Two EIA 232 ports for PRN printers or EDP listed devices EIA 485 port for ACS annunciators LDM Series LCD 80 etc NAM 232 NAM 232F for Fiber NAM 232W for Wire provides the ability to connect the AFP 200 AFP 300 AFP 400 intelligent control panels to NOTI NETWORK INTERFACE FEATURES Acknowledge Signal Silence System Reset from NCA or ONYXWORKS Limited CCBE operation Cannot participate in clock syn Full network display NETWORK INTERFACE FEATURES Acknowledge Signal Silence System Reset from NCA or Remote Annunciator Control from NCA Read status control On Off and point enable disable from or ONYXWORKS NAM 232 Network Interface Board See NAM 232 data DN 5331 SIB NET Serial Interface Board NFN interface standard MIB slot EIA 232 terminal ports 2 2,400 baud isolated EIA 232 printer ports 2 2,400 baud isolated EIA 485 ACS port 20,833 baud isolated Size 8.0 x 8.0 203.2 x 203.2 mm Compatible panels AM2020 AFP1010 MIB W Media Interface Board Data rate bits per second 312,500 Maximum wire distance 3,000 feet 914.4 meters two Wiring type twisted pair Wire size 14 AWG 2.0 mm to 18 AWG 0.75 mm Board size 3.5 88.9 mm x 5.0 127.0 mm MIB F Media Interface Board Data rate bits per second 312,500 Fiber distance 10 dB loss two channels Fiber type dual Plenum grade Fiber size 62.5 Wavelength 850 nM Connector type ST Board size 3.5 88.9 mm x 5.0 127.0 mm MIB WF Media Interface Board Specifications same as plus MIB F one channel wire one channel fiber RPT W RPT F RPT WF Repeaters Wire fiber specifications same as MIB W and MIB F Board size 4.4 111.76 mm x 6.5 165.1 mm NCM W Network Communications Module See NCM W and NCM F data sheet DN 6861 Compatible panels NFS 640 NFS 3030 07 17 17 Page 3 of 4 NCM F Network Communications Module See NCM W and NCM F data sheet DN 6861 Compatible panels NFS 640 NFS 3030 BACne

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