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SPECIFICATION SYSTEM EVENT NOTIFICATION SOFTWARE 2018 1 SCOPE a mobile device Cloud based event notification software for remote monitoring of the fire system The system shall include but not be limited to cloud based event notification all input output devices network communications media control auxiliary control devices power supplies and wire fiber optic media A supervised web based interface to NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels and shall be made available SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE The system will report fire system events on a mobile device while using the App via Push Notifications when the App is not in the foreground on a mobile The software shall have the capability to monitor an unlimited number of and will display events from the monitored building The software shall indicate the event type with an icon and use a color with the off normal condition e g RED for FIRE ALARM and for TROUBLE along with a counter to indicate the number of active The software shall display for off normal conditions text indicating the type and of the node and device along with device properties and device history The software shall have the ability to monitor stand alone NOTIFIER ONYX Fire Alarm Panels or NOTIFIER ONYX Series Fire Alarm Panels on a Network through a web based device The web based device will Serve as a bridge between the cloud servers and the Notifier network Translate an NFN network panel and device data into data that can be by the cloud service MANAGER 201801 mobile software shall provide configuration capabilities for monitoring and push notifications status These profiles shall be user definable software license The software shall be password protected for each user The software shall support forwarding off normal event notifications via email or 2 GENERAL The product s shall be manufactured by as provided by NOTIFIER Model specified are those of NOTIFIER and are to establish the minimum of operating characteristics and quality Substitute equipment proposed as equal to the equipment specified herein shall or exceed the minimum specified standard For equipment other than that the contractor shall supply proof that such substitute equipment equals exceeds the features functions performance and quality of the specified All equipment and components shall be new and the manufacturer current The materials equipment and devices shall be tested and listed by a recognized approval agency SOFTWARE APPLICATION The software shall be the NOTIFIER System Manager App license The software shall operate on an iOS Version 10 OS or higher or Android 5 OS or higher mobile device supplied by the user NOTIFIER WEB BASED DEVICE The web based device shall consist of a gateway or webportal card which supports to the eVance Services cloud server OF SECTION MANAGER 201801

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