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Product Pro le ONYX Marine Systems NOTIFIER ONYX Marine series re alarm system delivers the nest life safety for a wide range of marine applications from support craft and luxury to oil platforms and large ships marine solution meets regulatory and insurance requirements and have features required for the demanding operating environments of ships and platforms With FLASHSCAN protocol ONYX Marine panels communicate rapidly hundreds of intelligent sensors and noti cation devices responding to your within seconds of detection Noti Fire NetTM adds unmatched capabili for networking ONYX panels with fast exible options er com WORLD HEADQUARTERS Clintonville Road cid 129 Northford CT 06472 USA 203 484 7161 cid 129 Fax 203 484 7118 er com for ONYX Marine systems are ranging from ships to yachts Ships tankers barges tug boats support and oil drilling and pumping platforms all protected by Noti er ONYX Marine Along with listed ONYX controls full array of compatible intelligent sensors peripheral devices are approved for marine providing the system designer multiple options for designing the best for every need APPROVALS ONYX control panels are approved the US Coast Guard Lloyd Register and American Bureau of Shipping when used approved devices 1 loop NFS 320 and 1or 2 loop NFS2 640 controls panels including all export versions of these panels The 1 to 10 loop NFS2 3030 control panel version for English and all export versions Noti Fire NetTM both standard and high speed versions your NOTIFIER Distributor for complete on ONYX Marine systems ENGINEERED DISTRIBUTORS exclusive network of Engineered Distributors ESDs have the expertise install and program marine systems for a of ships and platforms and keep them for years so you have the protection NOTIFIER ESDs are experienced with series controls and equipment and will the right products for each application system designers can take full of exible ONYX system program to provide solutions that accommodate needs for marine applications many situations timely service is critical the ship owners When a ship with a dam re system docks the system must be or replaced before the ship will be to depart applications from basic to requiring large of devices and sophisticated opera NOTIFIER ESDs provide quality marine re alarm solutions over 60 years NOTIFIER has been a leader in the re alarm industry Today we are the largest of engineered re alarm systems with over 400 distributors worldwide and regional operations on every continent for the exibility and options your business needs Leaders in Life Safety Technology

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