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SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Manager NOTIFIER Systems from Your Mobile Device an age of mobile connectivity we expect to have eyes on our fire safety system from anywhere Designed with functionality that helps you quickly access track events NOTIFIER System Manager provides that collectedness in an to use platform You can conveniently configure your monitoring profile set monitoring status for each building and quickly filter notifications by event type from the app Compatible with NOTIFIER ONYX panels System Manager valuable benefits when paired with a web portal or NFN gateway BACNet or NWS 3 the most from System Manager power of System Manager is furthered when connected with eVance Inspection Manager and or Service Manager platforms Inspection Manager allows test information to display for off normal devices you extensive data for comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnosis Service Manager brings power to your End User with simple and up to date requests and Benefits Faster to Events and Alarms Push notifications of system events you to monitor one building multiple site events the go Drill down to see a summary events in each building Identify the number of active alarms Resolve simple issues quickly Productivity Receive detailed device information history to efficiently troubleshoot Diagnose system issues from with data at your fingertips Review device history along any open maintenance items System details can be easily via text email solutions 2019 SOLUTIONS and Inspection Software that Improves Your Bottom Line Services is an industry leading software service that streamlines and improves test inspection service management operations for NOTIFIER distributors Because your customers buildings will test and inspections done consistently and in accordance with appropriate codes and standards Owners and Managers benefit from the improved professionalism consistency accuracy timeliness of the test inspection and maintenance services they receive Inspection Manager Application provides documentation that all devices on a NOTIFIER fire system been physically tested The bar coding option enables any device or equipment within a facility to be into eVance Inspectors building owners and managers as well as fire officials have immediate electronic access to a building test and inspection reports compliance documentation and other data Manager Service Manager enhances distributor communications centralized information management and real time data sharing Notification of issues in real time to provide an immediate response timely resolution Provides building owners and managers with real time access to data and history test and inspection reports shared files system alerts Improves service quality and increased first time fix rates Enables more efficient dispatching with all the necessary information schedule service calls along with job tracking calendars and report Clintonville Road CT 06472 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice NOTIFIER by Honeywell All rights reserved use of this document is strictly prohibited Rev 01 2019 04 22 Manager Inspection Manager dramatically improves accuracy efficiency and professionalism test and inspection activities Automatically generates professionally formatted that comply with NFPA 72 or Joint Commission Stores digital photographs of deficiencies that corrective action within the applicable report file Provides tools and resources to ensure buildings compliant tested consistently correctly and safe

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